Wooden handle screen printing squeegee rubber for T-shirt printing

Type: Wooden handle + Scratch

Material: Wooden handle for wood quality, polyurethane pu screen printing scraping
[Hardness Range]
50°-65°: Soft glue scraping, suitable for the printing of uneven surface products.
65°-80°: Good comprehensive performance, suitable for a variety of printed matter.
75°-90°: Wear resistance, good solvent resistance, suitable for printing fine patterns.

[Scratch size] 50X9,40X9,30×9,50×7,40×7,35×7,50×5,35×5,25×5.
(Unit: MM)
[wooden handle length] 200mm,500mm,1000mm1200mm,1500mm,2000mm.
[Knife shape] flat mouth, slant, sharp mouth, round mouth.
[Scratch color] 50 degrees (tea) 55 degrees (tea) 60 degrees (tea) 65 degrees (red) 70 degrees (white) 75 degrees (green)
80 degrees (white) 85 degrees (blue) 90 degrees (blue).
scraper can be super resistant to wear, can withstand a variety of solvents, aging resistance.
[Use Range] multi-color printing, textile printing, integrated screen printing and so on. [Product Description] soft glue scraping (65 degrees) printing can be thicker ink layer and higher cover rate.

Hard glue scraping (85 degrees) can be printed with a thinner ink layer, more suitable for UV ink printing in very fine fonts and lines.

[Usage Features]
1. Wooden scraper for the barrel wood quality is strong and durable not easy to deform, better than ordinary Polaroid material, the surface after polishing and grinding, wood handle curve in line with human mechanical characteristics, comfortable grip, reduce worker fatigue, improve production efficiency.
2. Scratch adhesive has excellent flexibility, glue ink can be fully exposed to osmotic substrate, can withstand high strength pressure printing, durable, cleaning and polishing can be reused after reuse, reduce customer production costs.
3. Flat scraper is suitable for surface flat substrate, sharp mouth is suitable for surface substrate, with the increase of hardness, the amount of ink is reduced, that is, the hardness is inversely proportional to the amount of ink.