Waterproof Transparent PET Inkjet Film For Screen Printing


1.Special micro-frosted characteristics which doesn’t reduce transparency, while enhance friction of the film surface, eliminate stickiness between films. So films don’t stick to each other even under huge pressure or in damp environment.
2.High penetrability, ink penetrate deeply into the layer after drying, so the printed graph is well protected and very hard to be scrubbed off even by hard articles.
3.Excellent ink fixation, prevent ink dots on the film from spreading, extend storage time of printed graph.
4.Transparent as traditional laser phototypesetting films.
5.Density of output screen dots and solid is high enough for printing down, operations are similar to laser phototypesetting film in the course of printing down.
6.All operations are done in light room, darkroom and developing process are omitted, no waste water produced, convenient, and save cost for customers.
7.The cost of film and printing is far less than traditional laser phototypesetting films.


Making the film seal arrow down to the direction, and installed it on the printer.
Prevent the damage of film through friction, folding, fingerprints
Carried out it in the darkroom without exposure and wash processing.
Waterproof, even pour the water when you work (show milky color), also can restore transparency and use normally after drying.
Although it is waterproof, but we do not recommend to put the film immerse in water deliberately.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING can provide you both Inkjet film usually have waterproof inkjet film and non-waterproof inkjet film. The inkjet film is designed for silk screen printing. Shanghai SPRING film has special micron porous top coating which provide the clearest condition of the film. The film is based on high quality anti-static PET material, with high definition, instant drying and good waterproof suitable for both dye and pigment ink. SPRING inkjet film is compatible with all popular inkjet printers such as EPSON, ROLAND, MIMAKI, etc.

Film Size:
Roll size: 13”*100’, 17”*100’, 24″ x 100′, 36″ x 100′, 42″ x 100′
Sheet size: 8.5″ x 11″,8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, 13″ x 19, 17″ x 22″,A3+, A3, A4,B5.
Standard Width: 432mm/610mm/914mm/1118mm/1270mm/1524mm/1625mm
Standard roll length: 30M
Special size can be customized.
NOTE: Our waterproof inkjet film has two sides, the smooth side and the rough side.
Please print on the rougher side of the film.

Inkjet Waterproof Film
1.transparent pet film
2.rc coated film
3.For inkjet plotter film
4.100% transparency
5.Good ink absorbency
6.non waterproof
7.Size: A3/A4/Roll
Inkjet Semi transparent Printing Film
1.Semi-Transparent pet film
2.rc coated film
3.For inkjet plotter film
4.semi transparency
5.Good ink absorbency
7.Size: A3/A4/Roll
Inkjet Clear transparent Printing Film
1.transparent pet film
2.rc coated film
3.For inkjet plotter film
4.100% transparency
5.Good ink absorbency
6.non waterproof
7.Size: A3/A4
Waterproof Transparent PET Inkjet Film for Screen Printing/Inkjet Film

The film is the foundation of the PET coating ,
can accept dyes and pigments water-based ink of ink-jet
printing of coatings film made of rubber.
Suitable machine:
EPSON, Roland, MIMAKI, MUTOH and other piezo types machine.
In less demanding products, you can also use it on thermal foam inkjet printer.

Product Specification :
Hard outlet, fit to one plate graphic.
High contrast, high definition
Fog:<0.04D The highest density:>3.6D; (use ordinary black dye ink)
Direct imaging physics, 100% transfer, not produce a chemical reaction
To be used in the bright room, what you see is the actual effect.
Stable performance, long-term effective, no change of affinity for ink
Dry when printing, waterproof, no need waiting after printing, it can greatly improve production efficiency

Product use:

1. Widely used for silk screen printing,lithographic printing,inkjet plate making,offset printing,textile printing etc
2. Exceptional precision and color accuracy,outstanding color gamut wide,support high ink coverage
3. Suitable for both water based dye and pigment inks
4. Compatible with all thermal and piezo desktop and large format ink-jet printers with
broad applications of graphic arts, ads display and screen printing.


PET water-based Inkjet FilmA2100sheet/pkg0.1mm PETCompatible with both dye and pigment inksSuitable for all types of
water-based ink printing.
Our film with 100% fully waterproof special inkjet coating, Graphic can keep long-term immersion in water,
Transparent surface, dots of fine, high-density, dot clear color plate,
dedicated to strict water-proof requirements’ format inkjet plate making process
0.305m x 30m30m/roll
0.432m x 30m
0.61m x 30m
0.77m x 30m
0.914m x 30m
1.07m x 30m
1.118m x 30m
1.27m x 30m
1.32m x 30m
1.56m x 30m

Keep in the dry and cold condition, the suitable temperature is 5°C-35°C, the relative humidity is 15%-75%
Damp and heat condition will shorten the life of film and result film adhesion.
18 months, if you find affinity for ink uneven and there are some air bubbles on the film, and any quality problems in Guarantee period, our company will take responsible for this, and arrange for change the products for you.