Special Rotary Nickel Screen for Coating or Wallpaper Printing or Wax-printing


The high temperature curing membrane stripping agent and the screen-head adhesive separator of the printing nickel screen can be realized by the physicochemical immersion swelling technology, and the rapid stripping of the NI screen high temperature curing film and the screen head. Special Membrane Cleaning Equipment has novel structure, easy installation, high efficiency of membrane cleaning, ensuring the opening of every mesh hole in nickel mesh, separating the screen-head soaking, printing nickel screen curing film stripping, and the special-purpose film-cleaning equipment system integrated application, greatly improving the recovery efficiency of nickel screen. The advantage of printing nickel screen is complete specification, big diameter, can replace flat screen speed, round screen 60 meters/minute, flat screen 30 meters/minute.


Nickel Screen for clothing, bedding, wallpaper, curtains, blankets, carpets, but also for the production of special circumstances of the screen foam remover, air filters, oil and gas separation, dust filtration, gas-liquid separation, internal combustion engine filter, electromagnetic shielding.

Product details:

There are three ways to dye a printing nickel screen:

1, microporous cloth coating microporous coating can be achieved by the following methods. 2, hydrophilic cloth coated hydrophilic coating of moisture permeability is the use of coating agent of polymer thermal movement formed by the free volume and the space between the polymer, forming a permit water vapor molecules through the hole.

Because the coating agent polyurethane solution contains a hydrophilic group, sweat vapor molecules through the adsorption of a diffusion of the role of desorption through the coating. 3, the composite fabric coated fabric on the pore structure of hydrophilic finishing, used to improve the micro-Kong layer of waterproof and moisture permeability. When choosing hydrophilic finishing agent, be careful not to cause unacceptable moisture loss.

Especially suitable for printing and printing industry to print special fine pattern flower type, and multi-level three-dimensional image strong. Features: Applicable to a variety of dye color paste, with a high opening rate and good uniformity, slurry uniformity, good toughness, good elasticity, Seihan fine and so on, is currently the most widely used in the market of printing nickel net, suitable for a variety of geometric figures, fine lines, moire and a variety of shades of two levels and other patterns, not easy to produce moire and other advantages, To minimize the use of printing supplies.

Product Specification :

MeshThickness(um)Open Area(%)Mesh Opening(um)

The main common nickel wires are N4 and N6.

Nickel screenwork characteristics: Nickel mesh In the anti-corrosion, conductive, shielding and other aspects have good performance, mainly for battery electrodes, set-flow screenwork, shielding radiation, special gas liquid filtration.

Nickel wire mesh is woven from nickel wire filter screens, the main common nickel wire is N4 and n6,n6 materials mainly nickel content in more than 99.5%, applied to N4 material nickel screen can be N6 material by the nickel screen instead.

Nickel screen has super corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, mainly used in strong acid, alkali environment screening and gas, liquid filtration and other media separation. The main weaving process for the nickel screen is plain weave, twill weave, mat-type weaving.

Plain Weave main specifications for 1 mesh-200 mesh, plain weave process is characterized by the same density of warp and weft filaments per inch.

Twill weave the main specifications for 1 mesh-220 mesh, twill weave tension is better than plain weave, the main specifications of the table weaving 45 mesh-800 mesh, the lowest filter accuracy can reach 20um, is plain weave mesh and twill woven mesh can not achieve the filtration accuracy. Nickel screen production can be in accordance with customer demand and customer requirements for the line diameter and mesh demand production.

Pure Nickel filter screens are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, aerospace and other industries.

Nickel Wire Knitting screenwork: Nickel wire mesh is also a nickel wire mesh, it is a pure nickel wire vapor-liquid Filter screenwork, also known as pure nickel wire foam screens, pure nickel wire froth screens. Pure nickel wire Knitting screenwork is a special hook-and-weaving process made of wire mesh, widely used in special production environment screen foam, oil and gas processor, internal combustion engine filter, filter, such as dust, wide general specifications for 25mm-600mm. Mesh size, filtration accuracy can be produced according to customer requirements.