Simple Slitting Machine Slitting Machine Non – Woven Slitting Machine Kraft Paper Slitting Machine


1. Vertical structure, receiving and discharging before and after.
2. Channel welded structure.
3. Unwinding mechanical shaft, tapered sleeve fixed to meet the core deformation of the substrate.
4. Waste edge guide pipe combined with high-power fan, the waste side of the machine by blowing the right side.
5. Mainframe inverter control
6 release mechanical axis. Friction tension
7. Double receiving methods, mechanical axis. Friction tension


This machine can cut kraft paper, film, woven bags. Host inverter control. Stable performance, easy operation, good economic returns.

Product details:

Non-woven slitting machine, also known as non-woven slitting machine, is in the production process according to different needs of the wide material trimming, slitting and other equipment. One of the non-woven slitting machine is mainly used for the wide slit into a variety of slivers for the production needs of a narrow web, slitting process, including unwinding and unwinding the two processes. The tension control of the unwinding material and the unwinding material is the key part of the slitting machine. The machine is based on the original electronic control system to increase the automatic edge control, to achieve the desired results, improve the performance of the machine, making the machine more stable operation at high speeds, winding volume, easy to operate, safe Reliable, durable.

Product Specification :

Maximum unwinding diameter650mm650mm650mm
The largest winding diameter450mm450mm450mm
Unwinding the maximum width900mm1300mm1600mm
Paper core diamete76mm76mm76mm
The most narrow cutting width50mm50mm50mm
The highest sub-cutting speed50m/min50m/min50m/min
Correction accuracy0.3mm0.3mm0.3mm
Total installed power3kw3.8kw5.5kw
Machine weight500kg700kg1000kg

Before buying slitting machine:

A, what products need to be cut (film, paper, non-woven, etc.)
B, the diameter of the material is how big the volume of material received and discharged diameter, the more the larger the diameter of the larger number.
C, the width of the material and the need to cut to the maximum and minimum dimensions including the thickness
D, according to different materials, thickness, width, retractable roll diameter recommended the appropriate equipment

Pre-sale service:

Professional sales staff for you to explain in detail the efficacy of products and methods of use, and according to the different circumstances of customers to provide you with such as plant, layout, design drawings, staff training and other technical services. Venture budget and advice.

Sale of services:

Professionals and training centers to provide you with comprehensive technical advice and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of the product, on-site training hands-on exercises, so that you not only bought equipment, but also mastered the technology.

After-sales service:

In particular, equipped with a number of excellent, experienced technical master to track the entire service to answer customers a variety of difficult problems to be seeking, but also visit customers regularly to help customers train technical staff.