-Faster tensioning without damage to the threads;
-Improved fabric strength;Faster tension stabilization;
-Higher tension threshold and breaking point;High elasticity;High heat resistance;
-Less tension loss during the stretching process;High acid resistance;
-Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom;
-Improved registration due to stable tension;Faster printing speeds;High corrosion resistance.


-Textile Printing,Graphic Screen Printing,
-Package Printing,Glass Printing,
-Ceramic Decorating,CD/DVD Printing,
-PCB Printing,Electronics Printing,
-Solar Cell Printing,etc.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING main products:polyester mesh,nylon mesh,polypropylene mesh,high-density high-tension yarn,thicken the ceramic network ,electronic circuit board network,textile printing network,cell phone dust,Yarn,air conditioning filter yarn,pharmaceutical filter mesh,car dust network,mobile phone audio dust network,medical blood filter,etc.

1.Material: 100% Polyester
2.Mesh count: 18mesh(7T)-420mesh(165T)
3. Width: 0.6m-3.65m
4.Length: 30-70m per roll
5.Thread diameter:31-350um
6.Color: white/yellow/orange
7.Packing: PVC bag inside for each roll, then carton,then waterproof bag outside.

Product Specification :

7T(18mesh), 12T(30mesh), 16T(40mesh),  29T(74mesh), 36T(90mesh), 39T(99mesh),  47T(120mesh), 53T(135mesh),  64T(163mesh), 72T(183mesh), 77T(195mesh), 90T(230mesh), 110T(280mesh), 120T(18305mesh)

What is our advantage?

– We have our own factory.
– Technician and advanced production equipment such as introduced weaving machine from Sulzer Ruti,warping machine  and heat setting machine from Germany
-. Our service philosophy
– Honesty
– Innovation
– Customers First

We hve two kind of packing type:

1.Fold the mesh into plastic bag ,then in carton.Suitable for small quantity and have no requirement on the crease.
2.Pack the mesh with paper and plastic bag,then in carton.Suitable for large quantity and the mesh has better surface then folding type.