Screen Printing Squeegee Aluminum Handle


Excellent abrasion and solvent resistance.
Low expansion.
Long life with precise transfer of ink.
Thickness tolerance range +- 0.10 mm.
Uniform hardness with very low deviation
Available in 9 x 50 mm and 9.5 x 50 mm.
Reduces clean up time.
Quick rubber replacement.
Precision rubber alignment.
Customers size are acceptable.


1.Precision Extruded Aluminum Screen Printing Squeegee, light weight yet built to last a lifetime.
2.Squeegee is held perfectly straight and flat. The squeegee is
3.To replace the rubber, simply loosen the screws and insert replacement rubber.
4.Graphic printing industry,
5.Solar industry
6.Textile screen printing industry
7.Ceramic industry
8.Electrionic circuit board industry
9.Bottle manufacturing industry

Product details:
Screen printing squeegee aluminum handle
Export screen printing aluminum squeegee handle ,Aluminum Squeegee Handle design good shape for comfortable utilization, positive grip on the blade.
Solvent resistance Good re-sharpening Perfect elasticity Abrasion resistant. highly resistant to wear and corrosion inks and solvents.
Suitable for automatic printing, glass printing, CD printing, credit card printing, all industrial and electronic printing. Precision Extruded Aluminum Screen Printing Squeegee, light weight yet built to last a lifetime. Ridges inside the squeegee opening help grip the rubber firmly with even pressure without piercing the blade or distorting it.
Squeegee is held perfectly straight and flat. The squeegee is pre-drilled and screwed every three inches.
65 degrees soft scraper, can be get a thicker ink and a higher rate to cover printing. 85 degrees hard rubber scraper can be thinner ink printing, UV ink printing is more suitable in the font and fine lines.

1.Breakthrough Grip Design — Reduce fatigue, increase gripping power and gain greater control with Ergo-Force’s revolutionary.Thumb Groove design.
2.Superior performance over wood — The Deflection Extension allows softerblades to be used providing better coverage on dark goods over white underbases.
3.Easy Clean design – The front surface is smooth and flat without screws, making it fast and easy to clean. The tough anodized finish resists chemicals. Spend less time cleaning and more time printing.
4.Build infinite length squeegees — Need an extra long squeegee for that oversized design? The unique modular design allows two or more handles to be reconfigured into oversize lengths. You only need a Phillips head screwdriver.
5.Catch Rod feature prevents the squeegee from falling into ink. A must have for all novice printers and side-clamp presses.
6.Stand Up feature — A flat surface on the top handle allows the Ergo-Force to stand by itself when turned upside down.

Package and Shipping :
Folding the screen printing aluminum handle with pvc bag and then put into carton. Suit for little order quantity.

Our factory:

We’ve been in producing and selling screen printing aluminum handle for many years, having enough experience in production and exporting, to insure the quality and your money safety.
Our promise
All your goods will be inspected strictly based on production standard, and free charge of replacement for defected goods within 1 year.
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We have 3 factories, products range has covered all the common screen printing aluminum handle in the markets, offering you one-stop shopping experience, and production time is shorter than most factories.