Screen Printing Mesh PCB


Low Elongation, High Tension
Excellent Tear Resistance
Very good Dimensional Stability
Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
Improved registration due to stable tension


Mainly used for PCB Board Printing,Circuit Boards Printing,Touch Screens Printing etc.

Product details:

The main function of screen printing is to mark the name and position frame of each part on the PCB board, which is convenient for maintenance and identification after assembling.

PCB Silk Screen Printing is a pre-designed circuit diagram made of screen masks, the Polyester Silk Screen Printing Mesh For PCB Printing does not need to be part of the circuit will be wax or impervious material cover, and then put the Silk Screen Mesh cover on the blank circuit board, and then on the PCB Silk Screen Printing Mesh oil will not be corroded protective agent, the circuit board into the corrosive liquid, The part that is not covered by the protector is eroded away and the protective agent is finally cleaned up.

Product Specification :

The main specifications of 100T (250mesh),110T (280mesh),120T (300mesh), 140T (350mesh), 150T (380mesh), 165T (420mesh), 180T (460mesh).

Mesh Tension:
The mesh tension can reach 28N – 32N.

Packaging and shipping:

1.30-70m/roll in PVC bag
2.2-8 rolls per carton
3.waterproof bags outside
4.package belt strengthen


TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area

Our factory:

Our Screen Printing Mesh PCB are made with low-elongation fabric polyester with plain weave designed to improve strength and allow for higher and faster tension stabilization in Screen Printing Mesh Cloth. It’ s widely used in PCB silk screen printing machines for print PCB.

Quality and Service Guarantee:

1. We focus on the mesh development to satisfy different using, high quality demand about the printing fabric.
2. Best quality, excellent service( before or after sale)
3. One-stop service can be provided under request to save your time and cost.
4. Imported weaving machine from Sulzer Ruti,Imported warping machine and heat setting machine from Germany.
5. Imported Yarn from Japan
6. No-dust workshop to make sure the high quality mesh produced.
7. At least 3-4times inspections before goods shipping out, the sales as the directly person with customers will check the goods not fixed time and goods.