Screen Printing Mesh For Fine Detail


With the continuous application of High-tech, Screen Printing Mesh For Fine Detail has been more and more attention and demand, this is the Fine Screen Printing Mesh quality of the higher requirements, for the screen printing mesh tension, tensile strength, mesh flatness, mesh uniformity, single silk toughness, weaving machine in the process of weaving Fine Mesh Fabric continuity, can not exist “parking block” (That is, in the weaving process of the screen machine can not stop, must contact the weaving), the loom used by the quality of the reed is very high requirements.


Fine Mesh For Screen Printing as the production of touch screen, LCD substrate, mobile phone keyboard and other aspects of the indispensable technical links, but also by a wide range of applications.

Our Fine Mesh Silk Screen have been applied to include Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Millet, LG, Gionee, cool faction, Oppo and other well-known brands.

Product details:

Our company after years of practice and research and development, gradually improve the Screen Printing Mesh For Fine Detail quality, now the Screen Printing Fine Detail quality has reached international level, to meet the high requirements of the electronic industry printing, especially touch screen, instrumentation display, high-grade product catalogs, posters, large calendars, landscapes, cultural relics pictures, LCD screen, VA Black film Segment Code screen, VA screen printing screen, TV screen printing, glass display, optical glass, ultra white glass, float glass.

Especially in the mobile phone, tablet computer development, touch screen deep into people’s lives, because the touch screen has a strong and durable, fast response, save space, easy to communicate and many other advantages. Using this technology, our users can use their fingers to touch the graphics or text on the computer screen to achieve the host operation, so that the human-computer interaction is more straightforward, this technology greatly facilitates those who do not understand the computer operation of users. As a necessary processing link in touch screen manufacturing, Fine Mesh Screen Printing technology plays an important role in it.

Screen Printing Mesh For Fine Detail Specifications:

100T (250mesh),110T (280mesh),120T (300mesh), 140T (350mesh), 150T (380mesh), 165T (420mesh).
Tension Requirements 28N – 35N.
Width : 105cm – 210cm.
Color : white or yellow.



TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING is Screen Printing Mesh For Fine Detail manufacturer and Fine Screen Printing Mesh in China,specialized in the research,development and production of Screen Printing Mesh.