Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon Needle Felts


1.Material: 100% PTFE
2.Heat resistance: the continuously operation temperature can reach 240°C
3.Acid resistance
4.Alkali resistance
5.Corrosion resistance


PTFE needle felt dust filter bag is more suitable for the need to withstand the harsh conditions of corrosion resistance, high filter life requirements of the occasion.

Product details:

Polytetrafluoroethylene—PTFE membrane Needle Felt also named as Teflon Needle felt is made from 100% PTFE fiber which has been punched in three-dimentional structure. The surface of polyetrafluorethylene (PTFE) membrane is smooth and anti-chemistry. FTFE Needle Punched Felt is the most high-end material for the filter bags, Any PH value with acid or alkali erosion is no effect to the PTFE needle punched felt at 240 ℃ continuous operation temperature and 260 ℃ instant temperature conditions. Polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bags is excellent self-lubrication, waterproof, can withstand ultraviolet radiation. Product properties Product name TF / TF1750-W Fiber 100% PTFE base cloth 100% PTFE square weight 750g / m2 Thickness 1.1mm Density 0.68g / cm3 Air permeability 90L / Breaking strength – Longitudinal ≥450 N / 125px Breaking strength – transverse ≥ 450 N / 125px Elongation 200N / 125px – Longitudinal <5% Elongation 200N / 125px - Transverse <5% Heat Shrinkage 150degC, 90min 2% Blasting Strength> 300 N / cm2 Working Temperature Continuous Working Temperature 260 ℃ Instantaneous Working Temperature 280 ℃ Post-processing heat-setting Shanghai SPRING PTFE needle felt dust bag can be used for coal-fired boilers, waste incineration, carbon black production, titanium dioxide production process of flue gas treatment, in some metal smelting, refining and Chemical production process also has application.

Product Specification :

1.Corrosion resistance.
2.Excellent chemical stability can work in any PH value from 0-14.
3.Water resistance – can be used under humidity environment.
4.Long life service – over 4years.
5.Environmental protection – no pollution.
6.Surface Treatment: Heat setting, Singeing, calendaring, water proof and oil proof, PTFE impregnation, coating, etc.
7.Width: 1.9M, 2.1M special width can be cut.
8.FDA approval.