Polypropylene Felt Fabrics


1.Smooth surface, more defined pore size and good air permeability.
2.Low temperature resistance ( 88-110 ℃)
3.Excellent resistant to hydrolysis, acid and alkali.
4.Lower fiber release, Lower density, high mechanical characteristics.


PP–Polypropylene Needle Punched Felt Filter Fabrics are made from PP-polypropylene fiber, can be divided into polypropylene staple fabrics also called PP staple fabrics and PP long thread fabrics. Except the ordinary Needle Punched Felt fabrics advantages, the PP needle punched felt has its own advantages, Polypropylene needle punched felt has both acid resistance and alkali resistance, small specific gravity and lower melting point which is 142-146℃, therefore polypropylene felt general used in the flue gas temperature below 100℃ and acid liquid separation solid field.

Product details:

In the field of liquid-solid separation, polypropylene needle punched filter fabric is usually used together with the equipments of frame filter press, vacuum suction filter, belt filter, centrifugal filter and other liquid-solid separation equipments. Not only has good dimensional stability, high strength, elongation and other characteristics, but also because of its smooth surface, and pores, high permeability, so it also has a small vacuum resistance, energy conservation, easy cleaning etc. unique advantages. In the mineral processing, coal preparation, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, the need to filter small particles and ensure fine filtration occasions, polypropylene needle felt filter better a lot than traditional woven filter fabrics.

Polypropylene acupuncture filter fabrics generally made from 3D or 6D polypropylene staple fiber, with high-strength silk weaving enhanced base fabric, the needle reinforcement and calendering, heat setting and other post-processing process.

Polypropylene needle felt filter fabric is mainly used for metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, medicine, food and other industries of liquid-solid separation field.

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