Polyethylene air conditioner filter mesh


Our  air-conditioning filter is made of PE PP PA PET materials such as woven, with a certain acid and alkali resistance, good impact strength, can be repeatedly cleaned, filtration efficiency is not affected by cleaning. And through SGS Environmental Protection certification, safety and health. Mesh hole uniformity, high strength, plain weave weaving. Withstand temperature up to 150 ℃.


Air conditioning filter mesh mainly used in indoor wall-mounted air-conditioning, vertical air-conditioning, central air-conditioning and other models.

Black Air Conditioner Mesh
Material: PE、PP、PA、PET
Spec.: 20 mesh-40 mesh
Width: 1.2 m
Color: Black/White

This product is widely used in domestic large-scale air-conditioning manufacturers, such as gree air-conditioning, Haier air-conditioning, chi Gao air-conditioning and so on.

Air Conditioning filter mesh for concave-convex honeycomb structure, can be widely used in air filtration, sewage filtration system, in the spinning phase will be the antibacterial agent (DEP) and mildew inhibitor (TBZ) directly into the PP resin raw materials, so that the production of the filtration network to achieve anti-bacterial mildew effect. Easy to multiple cleaning and switching, the effect time is lasting.

Maintenance of air conditioner filter cloth mesh:

The maintenance of the air conditioner filter cloth mesh is very important for the air conditioner unit, because it directly affects the cleanliness of the indoor air, so do the daily maintenance of the air conditioner filter NET is the key part of the central air-conditioning unit maintenance.

Maintenance method of air conditioning filter mesh:

1. For the initial effect and efficiency of the air conditioning filter we should do at least once a month cleaning, if the dust more words need to shorten the cleaning cycle, efficient air-conditioning filter should be in accordance with the clean requirements of timely replacement.

2. Air conditioning filter should be used under 40 degrees of warm water, cleaning can not rub, when the air filter is dirty, we can use neutral detergent for decontamination, if the air filter is not very dirty, we can directly use water spray for cleaning. 3. After cleaning the air conditioning filter, do not fully dry the water, and then put into the central air-conditioning unit, in the installation of the air filter to pay attention to the air flow surface of the filter on the positive and negative, and in strict accordance with the correct requirements for installation.