Polyester Needle Punched Filter Felt


1.With staggered arrangement and uniform pore distribution of fine short fiber make sure the polyester needle punched felt’s porosity is more than 70%, twice as woven filter cloth.
2. High dust efficiency, low emission gas concentration.
3.Polyester needle felt fabric surface was treated by heat setting, singeing or coating finishing, make sure it is smooth and difficult to plug, no deformation, easy to clean, long time service etc.
4.Anti-static needle felt fabric can prevent the electrostatic discharge and output it.


Polyester needle felt filter cloth is widely used to all kinds of dust collection under room temperature.

Product details:

Polyester needle felt at room temperature is the use of non-woven acupuncture process using fiber staggered arrangement, the gap evenly distributed fine fiber cloth to polyester staple fiber and polyester twisted yarn produced by the needle felt surface by hot-rolled, singeing or coating And other post-processing, so that the surface smooth and difficult to be blocked by dust, the filter porosity, permeability is better, uses a wide range of strong chemical resistance, not only can be filtered at room temperature gas, but also can filter acid or alkali corrosive gases, also can filter water, oil, therefore polyester needle felt fabric is the ideal filter material for the normal temperature conditions, liquid-solid separation etc. Shanghai SPRING polyester needle felt fabrics are produced with high quality polyester fiber and first class equipment with advanced technology, mixed vary denier fibers to get the high filtration polyester filter media. The polyester felt can be do some treatments under your request such as singeing, calendaring, water proof and oil proof, PTFE impregnation, coating and other treatment.

Acid resistance.
Surface Treatment: Heat setting, Singeing, calendaring, water proof and oil proof, PTFE impregnation, coating, etc.
Width: 1.9M, 2.1M special width can be cut.
FDA approval.
Heat resistance Melting point:255℃-265℃.


NamePolyester needle punched felt fabric
MaterialPolyester fiber/polyester staple fiber or polyester long filament fabric
Air Permeation80-100m/m/s
Warp Tension Strength1000-1500 N/5×20cm
Weft Tension Strength1300-1600 N/5×20cm
Warp Tension Elongation<35%
Weft Tension Elongation<55%
Working TemperatureContinuous:≤130℃ Instant: 150℃
Filter Wind Speed1.0-1.2m/min
Finishing TreatmentHeat setting, calendaring, singeing, Water repellent, Oil repellent or PTFEcoating, etc.