Pe or PP Material Needle Felt Fabric Dust Filter Bag


1.Rings: draw string, plastic or steel
2.Shape: any shape under request, rectangle, round, star, etc.
3.Micron: 1micron, 5micron, 10micron, 25micron, etc.
4.Material: PP, PE, PPS, PTFE, PA, etc.


Shanghai SPRING as professional supplier of filter bags, filter cartridges, filter housing and media filters, our filter products designed meet the requirements of all types of liquid filteration and dust collection applications.

Product details:

Nonwoven Needle Felt industry filter cloth filter bags usually made from polyester—PE Needle Felt Media, Polypropylene—PP needle punched felt, Polyamide–PA felt fabric, Polyphenylene Sulfide—PPS for more information about PPS,  Nomex felt, FMS Needle Punched Felt, P84 needle felt, PTFE Needle punched felt, micron polypropylene needle felt, etc. There are two kinds of filter bags one is for liquid filter bags the other is dust collection bag.

The felt fabric filter bags for liquid usually used when particle retention of 1-200microns is required.

The Dust collector bag is the core element of the dust catcher. The impulse type of cylindrical dust collector bag is usually suspended vertically in the dust collectors. The dust gas enter the dust collector from the inlet opening and pass the guide plate. Then the part of big dust particle is separated by inertia force and fall into the dust hopper. When the dust gas passes the filtering area of dust collector bag, the most dust is isolated on the external surface of the bag and the purified gas flow into the box through the bag, then discharge from the air outlet. The cage is used to prevent the bags to collapse and remove and redistribute the dust cake.