OEM Biodegradable Triangle Shaped Tea bag Nylon Mesh


1. Premium quality Food Grade nylon BPA Free with double reinforced stitching
2. Perfectly fits any size container and easy to squeeze
3. Multi-Function- Making nut and seed milks, juicing, sprouting, brewing coffee and tea
4. Easily rinse to clean and quickly dry with drawstring so you can hang it dry any where in ktchen
5. Perfect size mesh only lets the milk & nutrients through, ensuring smooth & delicious nut milks
6. Custom your own label,tag and package


SPRING Tea bag nylon mesh can be mainly used as flour mesh, tea filter mesh, air and liquid filter mesh, medical filter mesh, filter belts, filter bags etc.

Product details:

Tea Bag of Nylon Mesh
Opening size: From 30 micron to 2000 micron
Material: Nylon(PA66)
Width range from: 0.5m-3.7m, can be cut into any size to make filter bag
Shape: can be cut into bags or sachets for tea filter

1. the mesh with great precision exact and regular square holes,
2. the material has a very smooth surface so that the filtered particles will easily separate from it,
3. they have very good dimensional stability and no any chemicals treatment in the production process
4. nylon 66 is food grade mesh and very safe
5. it has a working temperature of up to 120 degrees C.

Our products are divided into three series:
1 .Tea products series:black tea ,green tea ,oolong tea,pu-er tea,barley tea,genmaicha,apple tea,lemon tea,mint tea,earl grey tea,rode tea,lichee tea,strawberry tea,peach tea,etc.
2. Healthy tea series: slimming tea ,fat-removal tea,anti- constipation tea,ginseng tea, liver-comfort tea,stomach- comfort tea,energy-tonic tea,hypertension-regulating tea, intoxication – combating tea,blood sugar- lowering tea, internal heat -reducing tea,noxious-discharge beauty-keeping tea,cold clearing tea,nourishing lung and larynx tea, improve mind and memory tea, eyes-bright tea,ginkgo tea,honeysuckle tea etc.
3.tea bag packing materials:tea bag paper(filtering paper),cotton string etc.
We can make many kinds of tea bags,we have the most advanced teabag packing machine– pyramid teabag.It can be made with different material of nylon ,green natural 100% biodegradable mesh etc.

We provide high quality and extensive range of tea packaging services, which is more than enough to satisfy your requirements and help to improve the sales. We provide various tea packages, which will suit your requirement in terms of size, shape and material. Our tea packaging is innovative and popular method of packing tea because tea bag is very safe with other smell. Customers can feel the tea is freshly opened and is fresh. We provide a wide range of custom printed tea bags. For that we make use of the rotogravure technique that allows us to print up to 9 colors. You will also find our tea packages that come with various accessories including:
Hanging holes
Re-sealable zippers
Tear notch
Euro slot
Degassing valve
Transparent window

The tea bags can be packed as single bag, double bag, super big coffee herbal bag, rounded bag, pyramid bag and with the packing materials like paper bag, paper plastic  bag, aluminum foil bag, polyester nylon mesh, none woven-fabric, green natural 100% biodegradable mesh etc.