Nylon or Polyester Filter Mesh Belt


  1. Imported Yarn from Japan
  2. Imported warping machine and heat setting machine from Germany
  3. No-dust workshop to make sure the high quality mesh produced.

Nylon filter mesh belt are often used in liquid and powder filtration process, oil mining, mining development, drug production, chemical industry, all kinds of oil magazine filtration, alcohol, resin, monosodium glutamate, paint, dyes, fishing, impurities filtration treatment, the application of products in light industry has a wide range of uses.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING 100% monofilament polyester mesh or nylon mesh can be cut into belt or ribbons as customer’s demand. All the mesh can be cut into ribbon form by heat-slit or ultrasonically-slit. With width from 10mm to 3700mm. The polyester mesh with different specification from 25micron to 1080micron and nylon mesh from 3micron to 1823micron Shanghai SPRING filter mesh belt/ribbons can widely use for automotive filters, aerospace filters, electronic devices, household filters, industrial filters, diagnostic test strips, perfusion filters and transfusion filters in healthcare, etc.

Shanghai SPRING polyester monofilament filter belt has two kinds of fabric, one is polyester spiral press for belt press and the other is polyester spiral dryer fabric, which is an industrial piece of equipment used for solid or liquid separation. Usually, it is used for the dewatering of sludge in the chemical, mining, metallurgy, pharmacy and wastewater industries, etc.  SPRING filter belt is sludge dewatering fabric specially designed for sludge dewatering to protect environment, with good air permeability and water permeability, acid-resistance, easy operation, long time service and wear resistance, high temperature resistance (can be used for under 200℃).


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