Nylon mesh filter tea bags material


Safe and healthy material

This tea infuser is made from 100% food grade premium nylon material, it doesn’t included any toxic chemicals or bleaching material, very safe and healthy to use.


Filters for green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, herb tea and herbal medicines.

Pyramid Tea Bags Filters Nylon Tea Bag Single String With Label Transparent Empty Tea Bags

These Drawstring Tea Filters are the perfect accompaniment for your loose leaf tea. Simply scoop your favorite loose leaf tea into the tea bag, pull the drawstring tight to close the bag, and place it in your mug and add hot water. It’ll keep the tea in the filter, the water in your cup, and the smile on your face. The filters are made from wood pulp and heat sealing fiber and are 100% biodegradable and organic.

Material: Nylon material, pass the National Food Testing

Color: white


5 * 6 cm

6 * 8 cm

7 * 8 cm

8 * 9.5 cm

We inspect the yarn when they unloaded in our factory. (tolerance, tensile strength, physics test etc.).
After that, we put the warp wire on beam, draw the warp wire into heddle and reed. Then our experienced weaver will start weaving according to orders.