NMO 100 Nylon66 Monofilament Filter Mesh


1. Even hole size,high precision of filtration
2. Smooth filament, immersion resistance,no material drop off
3. Stable chemical and physical properties


It is widely used in home electronics, industries of petroleum, industry products,chemical, medic fields,water and air filtration,metallurgy, environmental dedusting and mine. The fabric has been brushed, so it is more flexible and thicker,the dedusting efficiency can reach 99.99%.

Product details:

NMO 100 nylon66 monofilament filter mesh can be mainly used as flour mesh, tea filter mesh, air and liquid filter mesh, medical filter mesh, filter belts, filter bags etc.

Advantages of NMO 100 nylon66 monofilament filter mesh
1. Great precision exact and regular square holes
2. Very smooth surface so that the filtered particles will easily separate from it
3. Good dimensional stability and no any chemicals treatment in the production process
4. Food grade and very safe

1. Standard:ISO9001:2008
2. Food approved:FDA,EC,NO SILLICON
3. Environmental certificate:ROHS
4. Material safety:MSDS,SVHC
5. Raw material test:PA66 MATERIAL TEST REPORT

Product Specification :

We can weave all the specifications according to international standard. Other non-standard specification can be negotiated according to customer’s order.

Product use:

Widely used in liquid filtration,especially in making tea and coffe bags.

Finishing of NMO 100 nylon66 monofilament filter mesh:
1. Hot or cold cut mesh to different shapes (Laser cutting/Ultrosonic cutting)
2. Heat-sealed Mesh Filter Bags (Ultrosonic welding)
3. Welded Filter Tubes (Ultrosonic welding)
4. Stamping Mesh Filter Elements