Milk Powder Filter Mesh Nylon PA66 Food Grade


International high-end milk powder sieve filter mesh, milk powder sieve bag, food grade nylon filter, professional for milk powder screening and filtration, nylon mesh 400 mesh, fine filtration and screening, FDA certified safety material made of nylon filter cloth,


used in Germany Hipp BIO milk powder, Similac milk powder, Mead Johnson milk powder, Friso,Nutrilon and other milk powder production enterprises.

Milk Powder Filter Mesh Nylon PA66 Food Grade

Milk powder screening is through the nylon filter mesh will be large particles filtered out, will meet the size of the milk powder filter collected, filling into the milk powder bag or milk powder box, which needs to meet the food-grade nylon filter mesh to achieve this process, we produce nylon filter mesh, mesh evenly, mesh flat, wear-resistant, Strong tensile resistance, can be reused for cleaning. At the same time, the use of food-grade nylon PA66 texture caused by the milk powder filter, the use of more safety, in line with food health requirements, will not cause pollution of milk powder. Through the dust-free workshop production of nylon mesh, can avoid in the filtration process to introduce two pollution, to ensure the health and safety of milk production.

Milk Filter Mesh

Dairy industry commonly used in the powder machine has a screw conveyor, drum valve, vortex gas seal valve and electromagnetic oscillation powder device. Advanced production process, is the powder, cooling, sieve powder, powder, storage and weighing packaging and other processes connected to a continuous production line. After the powder should be immediately sieve powder and drying powder. Make the product cool in time. Spray dried milk powder requires timely cooling to less than 30 ℃. At present, the fluidized bed powder cooling device is generally used.


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