Milk filter mesh cloth 350 micron nylon screen


Our filtration mesh of high cleanliness, fiber without shedding, filtration speed, to meet the production requirements.

Mesh Filter has excellent lifting performance, better filtration effect, even if the pressure is too high, impurity content is too high, also will not appear capillary fall off, thus will not affect the quality of milk filtration.

The Food grade filter mesh uses the silk, does not stain, does not add any chemical composition, conforms to the food health standard request, and passes the SGS sampling inspection attestation. The use of foreign imported looms, mesh surface formation, mesh evenly, accurate filtration accuracy, effectively filter milk in the scale and impurities.


Milk, yogurt, fresh milk, milk drinks, milk, milk, pure milk, soy milk, milk, breakfast milk, walnut milk.

Our Filter Mesh Cloth is widely used in the food industry, mainly including milk, fruit juice, mineral water, honey, wine, spirits, beer, liquor, edible oil, syrup, starch processing and so on products.

The main removal of particulate impurities in products, suspended solids, pulp, diatomite and so on.

Our filter fabric in the production of the time, strict control of GMP standards, the use of clean dust-free workshop, employees wear dust-free clothing, wear dust-free gloves, to ensure that the filter fabric production of clean no silicone oil, no dust, to achieve food-grade standard production conditions.

After the production of the filter mesh, to pass three times in the factory inspection, to ensure compliance with product standards, in order to purchase goods before the customer, once again for product quality inspection, the screen specifications, mesh hole, wire diameter and other technical details to check and confirm, to ensure that customers hand the product accurate, high-quality and durable.

Filter milk recommended 150 mesh-200 mesh nylon mesh.
Filtration rates can be from 25% to 79%.

Milk filter mesh :
Non-toxic, tasteless, high strength, high elongation, good elasticity.
With high toughness, good elasticity, resistance to weak acid, oil resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics.
Easy cleaning,safety material.


TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area