Mesh Filter For Aeropress


1. Price: Compared with metal mesh filter, nylon filter mesh cheaper, economical and practical;
2. Health: Food-grade nylon mesh filter can filter coffee in the bad substance of coffee alcohol, to ensure that the human body to drink health;
3. Environmental protection: nylon screen mesh long service life, can automatically degrade, no impact on the natural environment;
4. Cleaning: Nylon filter net easier to clean, friction, can be repeated brushing, and Non-stick coffee granules and grease;
5. Replacement: nylon net fabric replacement is convenient, the quality is lightsome;
6. Taste: Use nylon mesh fabric to filter the coffee taste better mellow, exquisite.


The Coffee Mesh Strainer will be hand-held or with the filter seat on the Bowl Cup and other containers will need to filter the liquid directly down to filter.

Product details:

Mesh Filter For Aeropressis a very simple way to filter, but also very convenient, easy to clean, can be reused, colorless and tasteless, will not have filter bag with filter paper pulp flavor, the use of simple method, easy to replace.

Our company produces the mesh opening of the Coffee Strainer Mesh is smaller than the metal filter mesh, the filtration is more exquisite, the filtration efficiency is higher, can the most coffee residue pellet and the grease filtration, can very good retention more rich coffee fragrance.

According to the customer’s use effect, the Nylon Mesh Coffee Filter filtration coffee will be cleaner, and the coffee taste will be better.

Product Specification :

150 mesh,163 mesh,180 mesh, 200 mesh,240 mesh, 260 mesh, 280 mesh, 300 mesh, 330 mesh.

Aeropress Filter Coffee Material:
Opening size : From 6 micron to 500 micron;
Material : Nylon PA6, PA66;
Width : 105 cm – 310 cm
Shape: Ribbons, rolls, discs


TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING is Mesh Filter For Aeropress manufacturer and Coffee Strainer Mesh in China,specialized in the research,development and production of nylon net.