Manufacturer Flour Screen Cloth For Specially Used Flour Machine


Material: 100% nylon
Weaving: Plain weave
With high extraction, and quality can meet to FDA standard.Mesh opening can reach 80micron,can be used for ultra fine flour milling.


Aquariums, fans, fuel tanks, coffee machines, filter pots, medical, air purifiers, excavators, filters, car engine systems, centrifuges, pumps, sinks, compressors, vacuum cleaners, paint rooms, sugar, washing machines, stickers Tablet machine, straight drink machine, faucet, smoke machine, air conditioning.

Product details:

We are the best manufacturer of manufacturer flour screen cloth, flour filter,screen cloth for specially used flour machine, coming in high precision, good performance and reasonable price. Welcome to wholesale the high quality, effective and cheap products for sale from us.

We have the food grade Nylon flour mesh.XX & XXX &GG.

Product Specification :

Specifiction3-17XXX, 10-74GG
Wire diametre30-550micron
mesh number10-600mesh
Specification of each rollWidth of each roll:42” 50” 65” 68” 72” 80”;

Length of each roll:30-70meter;can be customized

Remarks Goods in available ,and A4 SIZE Sample could be supplied anytime

Product use:

Used for flour milling machine make a process of grinding and separating, done by roller-mills, sifters and purifiers. Such as flour, com, grain sifter, etc.


Suitable object Foodpercentage of opening 0.035-0.55(mm)WeavingPlain
BrandSPRINGfilament diameter 1-3.65MeterMesh10-600 mesh/inch
Radial fracture strength 30-70(N/cm)Width
PropertyAntistatic, waterproof, acid resistant, low temperature, high temperature, alkali resistant