Low Price Larget Size Pneumatic Mesh Stretching Machine


Using sprocket, chain, screw drive, so stretching line synchronization.

To more than one cylinder simultaneously to ensure that the screen printing mesh textured no deformation, easy to stick mesh.

According to the size of the mesh and the size of the screen frame to change the size of the baffle, shrink, expand the size of the taut mesh frame operation, easy positioning.

With small frame can be stretched more than one.

There is a chain tight the mesh.

Guide column orientation, positioning, stretching to ensure parallel displacement, to prevent mechanical deformation, protection the silk screen mesh.


It is an ideal machine for making large screen and professional batch plate making.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING pneumatic mesh stretching machine absorbs the advantages of domestic and foreign stretch machine, compact structure, high tension, convenient operation and good appearance.

1. Clamp tightly one end of the mesh (length way) in even, then leveled clamping on both sides, and then the remaining part folded clamping. In order to ensure the quality of stretch, the mesh surface must plain and no wrinkles when you clamp the mesh, one by one close to the clampers make sure no gap.

  1. When the mesh is clamped, rotated the hand wheel in the middle of the pallet in lockwise. At this time, the handwheel (screw) drives the worm wheel, the gear, the rack drive, moves outward, tighten the mesh. Turn the handwheel counterclockwise to loosen the mesh. When stretching the four sides can be pulled at the same time, also can be stretched one by one, the length of the elongation ratio due to the different sides should be stretched a little longer than wider two sides.
  2. Once the stretching tension to achieve the requirement, turn the drive disk counterclockwise, then the entire pallet raised parallel to the net frame close to the mesh, can be coated with mesh paste. Turn the drive disc clockwise, the entire pallet down, mesh frame leave the mesh.


1.Simple operation silk screen stretching machine,suitable for different specifications of screen frame stretching

2.Equipped with chain transmission, with chain wheel, practical, effort-saving.

3.Adopt pneumatic device, the shelf can be drawn back, to avoid shape to be changed when stretching out and drawing back horizongally;

4.Professional OEM for customizing different quality request High quality low price professional equipment

max frame size1200mm*1500mm,1600 * 1800mm,1600 * 2000mm
min frame size(mm)100mm*50mm
max mesh tension30N
Big chuck size210mm
small chuck size160mm