Imported Japan Wire 304N Stainless Steel Printing Mesh


1)Imported Japan wire
2)Advanced weaving looms
3)Different thickness can be produced under request
4)High tension
5)Excellent precision: wire diameter openings extremely average
6)Great Heat-melting resistance
7)Non-electrostatic. To avoid affects of electro static for printing and ensure the safety.

The stainless steel printing silk cloth applies directly seihan, the surface is the surface of the printer, such as: glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, rubber, printed circuit and so on. Especially suitable for use in harsh environment, multi-color overprinter, bulk printing, halftoning printing, precision printing are appropriate.

Product details:

Stainless steel printing mesh need the mesh opening is square, the adjacent side of the angle between the two lines of 90 degrees, high permeability. Shanghai SPRING stainless steel printing Mesh has good surface (don’t have a knotted wire) with even mesh opening, high friction strength, low elongation, alkali-resistance and acid resistance, not changed the strength by the Ultraviolet light. With the carefully selected materials and the most advanced technology make sure the solid construction of our stainless steel wire mesh, at the same time make sure the high tension and low elongation under thickness tolerance, therefore more suitable for the high-density screen printing.

Our Offer & Your Benefit:

1)Full size mesh items can save your time and energy to search more suppliers.
2)Factory offer with reasonable price and high quality mesh
3)ISO9001 quality management system
4)Fast delivery time
5)Excellent service


1.Rolled on paper tube with kraft paper inside.
2.Another Kraft paper outside the mesh
3.Bubble bag outside the Kraft paper to make sure the mesh not be hit during shipping
4.Big paper tuber outside the bubble bag for one roll packing.
5.Wooden box outside for more rolls or under customer’s request.


MESH/INCHWire Dia.Mesh OpeningOpen AreaThicknessFirst Calender Thickness(µm)Second Calender Thickness(µm)Material

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING is a professional manufacturer and suppliers that is concerned with the design, development and production of 304N Stainless Steel Printing Mesh.