High Tension White Yellow 43T 54T 64T 77T Polyester Monofilament T Shirt Textile Silk Screen Printing Mesh, Bolting Cloth


·Low Elongation, High Tension
· Excellent Tear Resistance
· Very good Dimensional Stability
· Faster tensioning without damage to the threads
· Improved registration due to stable tension


T-shirt Printing,CD/DVD Printing, Ceramic Decorating, Graphic Screen Printing, Package Printing, Printed Electronics, Printing on Glass, Solar Cell Printing, Textile Printing, etc.

Product details:

Woven monofilament fabric is a Plain Woven mesh bolting cloth made with polyester monofilament yarn. PW, the simplified term of Plain Weaving, is the popular processing for polyester mesh. PW will be marked on most polyester mesh products labels. Polyester mesh printing screen is one of the most advanced high-tech fabric products started in 1990s for screen printing. Polyester and nylon screen products can work easily with all types of printing machines. Poly tension screens for textile printing is made of 100% polyester,monofilament. Polyester screen printing screen is widely used in textile, glass, garments, CD and graphic printing.

Materials: We use imported yarn from Switzerland and Japan. The material can be as customer’s requirement.
Mesh count: 7T(18mesh/inch)-180T(460mesh/inch)
Color: Yellow / White / Black / Orange
Width: white color max width 370cm(145″)
Characteristics: Good stability and finer printing effect
Used: Screen printing and filter
2meters of free sample available at customres requirement.

Product Specification :

7T(18mesh), 8T(20mesh), 10T(25mesh), 12T(30mesh), 16T(40mesh), 20T(50mesh), 24T(60mesh), 29T(74mesh), 32T(80mesh), 34T(86mesh), 36T(90mesh), 39T(99mesh), 43T(110mesh), 47T(120mesh), 53T(135mesh), 59T(150mesh), 64T(163mesh), 72T(183mesh), 77T(195mesh), 80T(203mesh), 90T(230mesh), 100T(254mesh), 110T(280mesh), 120T(18305mesh), 140T(355mesh), 150T(380mesh), 165T(420mesh), 180T(460mesh).

Product use:

Shanghai SPRING has supported a wide range of Screen Printing areas such as Solar Cells and Touch Panel Displays. We continue to provide cutting-edge Screen Printing Technology information all over world, Cooperating with many company that produce Photovolta – PV and solar cells, PCB etc electronics manufacturers.

Our advantages

-Dedicated and experienced weavers
-Consistent quality products
-On time delivery
-Reasonable claim refund system

We can provide variety of width based on customer’s requirement, the most usual width is 1.15m,1.27m,1.36m,1.58m,1.65m,1.88m,2.2m,2.8m,3.2m,3.6m

General color of the polyester screen printing fabric:The most common color for the printing screen mesh is white and yellow, other color is available on your request!

Industries where screen printing is applied

Screen printing is a cost effective means of printing and still popular in many industries in spite of the advent of digital printing. Some of its applications are:

Polyester silk screen printing mesh for textile

The textile industry has been using polyester screen printing mesh since a long time. Rotary screen printing and flat (bed) screen printing are the most popular techniques used in textile printing.

Polyester screen printing mesh on garments

Screen printing is a popular technique of transferring images and designs onto readymade garments such as T-shirts, vests, team shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, caps, trousers, jackets, undergarments, etc.

Polyester printing mesh for Ceramic screen printing

Decorators use screen printing to adorn ceramic and glass articles with ceramic pigments, precious metals and other ornamental materials.

Polyester printing screen mesh used for Chinaware screen printing

The chinaware industry uses innovative screen printing techniques to transfer designs onto complex shaped surfaces.

Polyester bolting cloth used for product labels

Screen printing can be used to label products – logos, warning labels, CD covers, etc.

Polyester printing fabric used for printed electronics

Screen printing is used to print low cost and low performance electronics used in flexible displays, animated and decorative posters, active clothing and smart labels.

Polyester Screen printing mesh used in the circuit board industry

Screen printing is not new to the printed circuit board industry. Conductive pastes are screen printed onto flexible substrates. Advances in screen printing technologies allow the construction of complicated circuits. Printing machines and screen masks can screen print 20 micron line/space already.

Polyester mesh used in Thick film technology

Screen printing is used in thick film technology for the production of electronic devices such as hybrid integrated circuits, sensors and surface mount devices. Successful layers of special ink are deposited onto an electrically insulating substrate thrrough a screen printing process.

Screen printing mesh for balloon art

Balloon art is used by many marketers and entertainers. Logos, attractive designs and images can be screen printed onto balloons.

Screen printing fabric medical devices

Permanent adhesion inks are used for screen printing on medical devices such as tubing, catheters, solution bags, syringe barrels, etc.

Screen printing military and aerospace equipment

Screen printing on aerospace and military equipment uses permanent adhesion, scratch resistant, light transmission inks. Screen printed items may include cover glasses, dials, faceplates, keypads, instrument panels, etc.

Screen printing for snowboards and displays

Screen printing is used to print images, text and graphics on snowboards, displays, signs, nameplates, and more.