High Tension 80 100 200 250 280 300 Mesh Polyester Monofilament Silk Screen Printing Mesh


Material :manufactured by 100% polyester monofilament yarns;
Opening :the mesh with great precision exact and regular square holes;
Chemicals :no unwanted chemicals,no any chemicals treatment in the production process;
Safe Grade :very safe,very thin,food grade;
Shape :can made by disc,tube,piece,roll any sizes and shape,max roll length 500m;
Temperature :high tensile,use temperature under 200℃;
Dimensoinal :very good dimensional stability.


High tension 80 100 200 250 280 300 mesh polyester monofilament silk screen printing mesh are widely used in T-shirt printing, Textile printing, Garment printing, Ceramic printing, PCB printing, , Glass printing, Chemical printing and etc.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING has supported a wide range of Screen Printing areas such as Solar Cells and Touch Panel Displays. We continue to provide cutting-edge Screen Printing Technology information all over world, Cooperating with many company that produce Photovolta – PV and solar cells, PCB etc electronics manufacturers.

Color: Yellow / White / Black / Orange
Width: white color max width 370cm(145″)
Characteristics: Good stability and finer printing effect

Product Specification :

Our mesh polyester are ranged from 7T-200T with white and yellow color mainly as file, other special specification can be produce as require. And 16T-40mesh, 32T- 80mesh, 36T- 90mesh, 43T- 110mesh, 51T- 130mesh, 62T- 157mesh, 77T- 196mesh, 90T- 230mesh, 100T- 250mesh, 110T- 280mesh, 120T- 305mesh, 130T- 330mesh, 140T- 355mesh, 150T- 380mesh, 165T- 420mesh,180T-460mesh always sell good.

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING Printing Mesh Manufacture Factory is one of the top manufacturers and exporters of screen printing mesh.Our company was connected with production of metal wire mesh since 1983 and monofilament polyester screen printing mesh(bolting cloth) and nylon printing meh since 1992, in China. The machinery( Width 3900mm from Switzerland Sulzer and WJ1300/1600 A, B, D) and apparatus used in production process fully based on the high computer technology.

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