High Quality Cheap Price Screen Printing Mesh Tension Meter


Tension meter applies to measure mesh tension of N/cm, very dependable and accuracy.
It has correction zero, it’s not allowed to disassemble or re-fix it.
Package detail: plastic bag and carton, good package
packing size:230mm*140mm*170mm
Gross weight(add package): 1.2KG

Screen Printing Tension Meter
1.Good quality very easy to use and accurate checking the tension of the mesh is the best tool for checking tension when stretching
2.It is used for testing the mesh tension of N/cm, very dependable and affordable accuracy tool, no adjustment necessary.
3.Item also includes a good packing box Good for screen printing stretching mesh and apply proper tension to make good quality long lasting frames.
4.Good quality with good price, each screen printer should have one!

Product details:

1.Before using please put the tension meter on the glass and turn round the dial to make the pointer return to zero.
2.Flick the silk screen during measuring, the indication when the pointer stopped is the tension of the silk screen.
3.Tension meter is precision meter, fall and touch is forbidden, be careful during using.
4.Tension meter is corrected precisely,dismounting alone is not allowed.
5.Can’t touch the bottom side contactor by hand, put the machine vertically without using.
6.The Newton indication is the indication of the tension’s contactor, the error is ±0.5N.
7.The indication of the second circle is the measured value during measuring

Tension Meter Operating Instruction

1.The tension meter factory has zero correction, users don’t adjust it by yourself.
2.Readout Method: the second lap of the tension meter reading pointer rotation unmber is accurate,(with flick  the mesh by the tension meter)
Remark: Measure tension of all screen printing fabrics in N/cm, means newtons per centimeter.

Technical Data of Silk Screen Tension Meter:

Print type and mesh tension
Mesh typePrint typeTension(N/cm)
Extra High Tension MeshPCB & Measurement Scale16-20
High Strength MeshFour color and multicolor printing (machine print)16-20
High Precision Ultra-Fine MeshHigh-precision multi-layer circuit board25-30
High Precision Polyester Mesh (Standard monofilament)Four color and multicolor printing (manual print)8-12
Ordinary Polyester Mesh
(Standard monofilament)
Flat object8-12
Nylon MeshRoughness surface object8-12


Commonly Used Mesh Maximum Tension Capability
The following data is tested with the Swiss middle or thick mesh, it is also related with the quality of stretching machine, good quality machine the mesh can reach the maximum tension without break. Please take the data as your reference when you stretching, if over the maximum tension, the mesh will be broken very easily.

Mesn countMax tension capabilityAir pressure Adjustment