Food Grade 25micron to 1050micron Nylon or Polyester Nut Milk Filter Bag


Micron ratings :2 – 1400μm
High flow,low pressure drop media
Surface-retention filtration
Wide chemical compatibility


Excellent liquid applicability such as water, fruit juices, carbonated beverages, milk, soy milk, petroleum, petrol, diesel, animal and vegetable oils, liquid fuels, weak acids and alkalis, organic solvents and microorganisms.

Product details:

Shanghai SPRING as the professional manufacturer of 100% monofilament polyester mesh or nylon mesh, SPRING polyester mesh or nylon mesh can be cut and reproduced into different shapes and bags. Such as discs, ribbons, egg shape bags, square bags, tea bags and nut milk bags, etc. The nut milk bags is more and more popular as there are more and more people realized the importance of the foods by own cooking and preparing. A nut milk bag is a specially shaped fabric bag that you strain your blended raw almond milk through to remove any pulp or fiber that remains. The nut milk bags can help you make your milk smoother and creamier, taking away the slightly grainy texture and help your nut milk to resemble dairy milks more closely. Shanghai SPRING mesh filter bag with FDA approved polyester or nylon filter mesh which is more durable than cotton material. SPRING nut milk filter bag is very popular which you can get more information from Amazon. SPRING can provide you any size any shape bags with different microns or materials under your request. Nylon mesh filter bags from 3micron to 1823micron can be choose, polyester mesh bags from 25micron to 1080micron can be available. U shape, V shape, Rectangle shape or egg shape or other special shapes you need SPRING can produced.

Product Specification :

Size: 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x10”, 6”x6”, 10x15cm, 30x40cm, etc.
Mesh count: 8mesh/inch to 500mesh per inch.
Micron: 3micron to 2630micron.
Shape: round, egg, square, rectangle, V shape, etc. any shape.
Material: Polyester, Nylon, Propylene, stainless steel, needle felt fabric, etc.
Color: White, black, yellow, orange or as request, but usually is white color.