Drawstring Paint Strainner Polyester Mesh Filter Bag


1.Both Nylon mesh or polyester mesh can meet FDA regulations.
2.High flow/low pressure media.
3.Wide chemical compatibility, nylon mesh alkali-resistance, polyester mesh acid resistance.
4.Easy to clean — Economical removal of contaminants.


1.Ability to remove both solid and gelatinous particles.
2.Singed/glaze finish on Polyester and Polypropylene reduces fiber shedding.
3.Seam styles: sewn with 5 line system and welded (no needle holes)
4.Rings: draw string, plastic or steel.

Product details:

Industry standard liquid filter bags include felt and mesh filter bags, Shanghai SPRING monofilament 100% nylon mesh or 100% polyester mesh can produced into bags with different size, shape and ring types under request. Felt bags also can be provided with different shapes and material and rings. For felt bags can be sewn or welded with different ring (draw string, plastic, steel) options provide great filtering for a multitude of applications. With a wide range of micron sizes we can support and partner with many industries like chemical, food, paper, petroleum, adhesives, paints, water treatment, beverages, pharmaceutical and more!

Heat resistance — Temperature ratings to 350F
Rings: draw string, plastic or steel
Different sizes available
Micron: 3-1860micron
Mesh count from 10mesh to 600mesh
Wearable resistance

Product Specification :

Size: 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x10”, 6”x6”, 10x15cm, 30x40cm, etc.
Mesh count: 8mesh/inch to 500mesh per inch.
Micron: 3micron to 2630micron.
Shape: round, egg, square, rectangle, V shape, etc. any shape.
Material: Polyester, Nylon, Propylene, stainless steel, needle felt fabric, etc.
Color: White, black, yellow, orange or as request, but usually is white color.

Shanghai SPRING is filter mesh manufacturer and filter bag in China,specialized in the research,development and production of silk Screen Mesh.