China Standard Rotary Nickel Screen Mesh 25mesh to 165mesh


Brittleless: use of sulphur-free additive at screen-making process enables non-existence of brittleness of screens during/after the rounding and polymerization process.  Brittleness is the main cause of screen crack and damage on the rotary printing machine win operation. A convenient way to test the brittleness is the so-called “lighter rest”: a piece of screen sample burnt by lighter flame for 10 seconds, bend the screens sample to see if it breaks at the burnt spot. Can endure 6-7 times stripping by water jet or LEN.


The nickel screen with variety specifications and good tenacity, can be repeat used for several times, suitable for any kind of dyestuff with even infiltration, it can be used for any pattern printing, especially at super fine patterns.

Product details:

Rotary screen printing belong to continuous processing, high production efficiency, both roller printing’s advantages and flat screen printing’s advantages, but there are certain limitations in the fine pattern and printing color richness. It is limit on the color choice for rotary screen printing, also known as pigment printing. As the pigment is a non-water-soluble coloring material, the fiber non-affinity, the coloring according to the coating of the molecular compound adhesive and the adhesion to the fiber. Pigment printing can be used for the processing of any fiber textile, in the blended, interwoven fabric printing has more advantages, and the process is simple, chromatography broader, flower-shaped profile clear, but the touch feel not good, the friction fastness is low.

Product Specification :

Printing Rotary Screen
Mesh: 25, 40, 60, 70, 80, 100, 105, 125, 125V, 135, 135V, 155, 165,195
Length(mm): 1410-3500
Repeat(mm): 640,725,819,914,1018,1206,1450,1680


1) Dyestuff saving by High mesh screens: due to the high density of holes, unique involuted hole shape, and minimized nickel dam, the coverage of dyestuff paste on the fabrics has largely increased compared with conventional Penta screens. For the same amount/intensity of dyestuff deposit on surface of fabric, less squeegee/ magnetic roller pressure is required; as a result, substantial saving on dyestuff paste is achieved. Experiments have proved that up to 19% of paste volume can be saved at multiple printing mills around the world.

2) Higher open area allows smooth throughout of dyestuff paste, so that printing speed and efficiency of printing machine can be ascended.

3) 165 and 195 mesh screens can help achieve better gradation of half tones, as well as finer line width and reproduction of fine details of fabric design. Whilst 135 screen with extraordinary high open area(>25% if needed) can satisfy the high paste deposit requirement for solid printing on knitted fabrics.

4) Narrow tolerance of open area(+/-0.5%) and thickness(+/-3 microns) safeguard high consistency of screens, which minimizes the color difference among right, middle and left side of printing width. In addition, it’s worry free to pick screens from difference batches due to high level of quality control on consistency.

5) Without use of saccharin as additive, a screen exhibits good property of resilience, softness of screen is eliminated, and therefore creases are depressed during the prepress and printing processes, which provide convenience/efficiency for the operators during the handling and use of screens.

6) Automatic screen cutter ensures uniform cutting edge and accuracy, which contribute to higher registration among printing stations for fine design printing.

7) Combination of extra thickness and open area meets requirement of niche customer requirement such as wax and wall paper printing, an excellent substitute of expensive European SP/ CP screens.

8) Provides with application support on prepress and printing processes.


MeshThickness(um)Open Area(%)Hole Diameter(um)
25160-165 30-32720
40145-150 28-30318
60115-120 18-20161
70110-115 16-18131
80110-115 16-18105
100105-110 15-1774
105105-110 15-1794
125100-105 14-1679
125V100-105 14-1679
135100-105 13-1592
135V100-105 13-1592
155100-105 12-1360
165100-105 12-1371
195100-105 15-1652

Wallpaper Screen Standard

Repeat(mm)Length(mm)MeshThickness(um)Open Area(%)