Carpet Screen Printing Mesh


1.Solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, these advantages make physical properties stable and stretching small in the case large external pressure;
2. Anti-wear, Heat-resistant, moisture resistance, small loss of tension.
3 high tension, tension attenuation is small, the use of advanced mesh post-processing technology to improve the stability of mesh tension and avoid the process of stretching the mesh rupture damage to meet the high tensile requirements of customers.
4.Uniform mesh, network performance is good, the use of high-precision imported reed, fabric mesh screen openings to ensure consistency, to avoid Inaccurate register caused by printed mesh fabric deformation during printing.
5. Good scratch-resistant and printing -resistant, long service life of silk screen cloth.


Mainly used for rug library printing and rug wireless printing, custom rug printing, as well as residential carpets, living room carpets, sofa carpets, bedroom carpets, elevator carpets, welcome carpets, hotel carpets, stadium carpets, exhibition hall carpets, vehicle carpets, ship carpets, aircraft carpets and other printing.

Product details:

Carpet is mainly made of animal hair, plant hemp, synthetic fiber, such as raw materials, hand-woven wool carpet is the use of high-quality sheep wool yarn, using modern screen printing process pattern printing dyeing. Carpets on the printed word or pattern is usually 80 mesh to 150 mesh Rug printing cloth, with matching ink or water-based adhesive printing, specific to see the material, the use of matching printing ink or glue.

Our Printing on carpet meshadopt raw materials imported from Japanese ,wovened by woven looms imported from Germany, Screen carpet printing mesh surface are even and accurate,with tension stability,good ink performance , strong wrinkle resistance, high wear resistance, the Screen printing on rug are suitable for high-precision pure wool rug printing and chemical fiber Screen printing rug, hemp carpet printing.

Product Specification :

The main specifications of Screen printing mesh for rug printing are 80 mesh,90 mesh,100 mesh,110 mesh,120 mesh,135 mesh,150 mesh etc.


TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area

Our factory:

Established in 1983,Our company exports Screen printing mesh for carpet printing and rug printing mesh to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, etc. We have a good name for quality mesh printing with reasonable price.Through over 10 years development, Spring Industrial is now one of the leading silk screen cloth manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our employees are equipped with consummate skills. Please rest assured to buy or wholesale the high quality and cheap price products for sale from us.