Bolting Cloth Mesh For Flour Milling


Bolting Cloth Mesh,is an important adjunct to flour mills and plays a crucial role, although it is a small proportion of the entire flour mill’s investment.As flour milled through it and milling technology is also through its grading, sieving to achieve powder balance. Choosing a Flour bolting cloth is actually one of the key technical content for flour milling.


XX Series Bolting Cloth Mesh For Flour Milling: For soft wheat and rye
XXX Series Bolting Cloth Mesh For Flour Milling: For medium to hard wheat and high capacity sifters
GG Series Bolting Cloth Mesh For Flour Milling: Mainly used for gritting gauze for coarse and scalping sieves.

Product details:

Our XX, XXX and GG Series Bolting Cloth Mesh For Flour Milling are with high extraction, and quality can meet to FDA standard, can be used for Ultra fine flour milling. Including nylon and polyester materials, standard width127cm/145cm/165cm, also can be made as Your request.

Our bolting cloth mesh for flour milling supply global market for 10 years since 2004. All of our bolting cloth mesh for flour milling have passed ISO1 9001: 2008, and we also have serious quality contral teams which were trainded specially.
We have 7,000,000 meters/week production ability, and we can fufil your different requirement of shipment items and payment items.

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING is bolting cloth mesh for flour milling manufacturer and wheat flour mesh in China,specialized in the research,development and production of nylon flour mesh.