Biodegradable pyramid tea bag PLA bag mesh

Fine workmanship
This tea infuser bag is heat-resistant and rub resistant, having properties of high performance, fine workmanship, practical and durable.
Easy to seal
This tea infuser bag’s opening is easy to sealed. You need to use nylon sealing machine(not included) to seal it, the tea leaves, herbs or spices will be blocked in the bag thus won’t scatter anywhere in your cup or soup pot.
Suitable for many occasions
Great for holding tea leaves, all herbs, spices or bouquet garni in making home tea, stews, marinades, soups and casseroles etc.

Tasteless and odorless fine nylon fabrics conforming to food sanitation law standards,without any damage to human.
It have a very smooth surface, strong permeability, stable chemical and physical properties.
Achieve maximum extraction of taste and flavor from tea
uses:filters for green tea, black tea, healthcare tea, herb tea and herbal medicines.


5 * 6 cm  ( Filling with less than 5g materials )

6 * 7 cm  ( Filling with less than 10g materials )

6 * 8 cm  ( Filling with less than 15g materials )

7 * 8 cm  ( Filling with less than 20g materials )

8 * 9.5 cm  ( Filling with less than 30g materials )

12 * 18 cm  ( Filling with less than 50g materials )


Type:Nylon Tea Bags



Mesh Weight: 40g/1.4oz