250 Mesh Wire Diameter 0.035mm Stainless Steel Printing Screen Glass Ceramic Printing Network


1) ultra-high precision, high yield point, low elongation, good rebound rate, no static electricity, thickness controllable and uniform;
2) high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, heat-meltable and solvent-resistant effect is outstanding, not due to the influence of UV and change the inherent mechanical strength of steel mesh;
3) Mesh shape Founder precision Mesh standard, accurate filter value, flatness, ultra-thin thickness, non-joint silk knot, stable structure overprinting precision;
4) The use of rolling technology to ensure more stable mesh network structure, effectively control the amount of ink through the printing, mesh fabric significantly improve the performance, not easy to collapse and failure;
5) domestic material Net yarn affordable, product quality requirements within the scope of the high cost; imported materials Net yarn quality, comparable to imported net yarn, the price reasonable and fair, customers can choose to use.


The mesh widely used in T-shirt printing, Textile printing, Garment printing, Ceramic printing, PCB printing, , Glass printing, Chemical printing and etc.

Product details:

250 mesh stainless steel mesh gauze Practical specifications:

1) wire diameter 0.03mm, 0.035mm, 0.04mm;
2) Wide 1.02m, 1.22m, length 30m;
3) Material 316,316 L, 304 N, 304 HP;
4) Tension 40N-48N / cm

Stainless steel screen printing has become a silk screen industry, especially the electronics industry, the best screen material:

High-precision products for the printing of fine high-quality graphics, especially for: PCB circuit board printing, microelectronics (resistors, capacitors, inductors), photoelectric display

(LCD, VFD, PDP), liquid crystal display, vacuum display, solar cell, insulating oil, solder resist oil, solder paste, membrane switch, instrument dial, glass ceramic.