120T/34um High Quality Imported New Sulzer Ruti Weaving Machine Produced White or Yellow Color Polyester Screen Printing Mesh for Electronics


This 120T-34 mesh is provided for PCB or touch screen printing which is satify with high quality demand. SPRING 120-34 mesh tension can reach 32N and stable newton is 30N more or less. Which is popular used for Samsung and LG products printing. With new Sulzer Ruti weaving machine woven and imported reed from Germany, Japan yarn, Germany heat setting machine and also Japnese techincian to make sure the mesh quality is nearly same with Smartmesh and NBC mesh. Orange yellow color like NBC yellow can be provided.


For SPRING SVM 120T(305mesh)-34um 100% polyester monofilament screen printing mesh usually used for Touch Screen or PCB printing with high quality demand. Which is very popular in Korea and Japan market for touch screen and PCB printing, such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.

Product details:

Touch screens and Displays Screen Printing mesh,Flat screens in better quality and attractive design have become normal household items. Screen printing belongs in the picture here, too. Whether used in a combination stencil or as a pure polyester-stencil carrier, the customized properties of Touch screens and Displays Printing mesh provide improved performance in your entire process chain.

The explosive spread of tablet PCs and smart phones proves that the touch screens revolution has only just begun. With high quality demand with the touch screen, the screen printing mesh quality is highly related with the touch screen printing quality. We introduced the Japan technicians to make sure the technique and satisfy the customers’demand.

Product Specification :

90T(230mesh),100T(254mesh),110T(280mesh),120T(18305mesh),140T(355mesh),150T(380mesh), 165T(420mesh),180T(460mesh).

Product use:

Touch Screen or PCB printing with high quality demand,such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc..


TypeMesh/CMMesh/inchWire Dia.
Mesh Opening(um)Open Area

Our factory:

Shanghai SPRING is

Screen Printing Mesh for Electronics manufacturer in China,specialized in the research,development and production of Screen Printing Screen Mesh.