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Color & Chem Expo Digital Textile Printing Industry Expo

Our company will attend the Color & Chem Expo Digital Textile Printing Industry Expo Expo Centre Hall No.1,Lahore Pakistan Booth No.:D01,Hall1 15-16 Jun 2019 You are welcome to come to discuss business Material: 100% polyester screen printing mesh, nylon bolting cloth Weaving: Plain weave Specs: 6T-165T(15-420 Mesh/inch) Max. Width: 375cm (147″) Color: White and yellow

Latest News — Convergence in the Print Industry

UNDERSTANDING GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES AND COMPETITION To better understand shifting dynamics in the industry, PRINTING United which focused on the opportunities the convergence of markets and technologies provided this report, sudy surveyed America printers over all segments of the printing market. This report provides insights into the print market shifting dynamics and also can help you […]

Main Features of Screen Printing

Screen printing advantages are many, one of the most fundamental is the strong printing adaptability, so people call in addition to air and water can not be printed, in all different materials and surface shapes of different substrate can be printed on the ultra strong process, and is not limited by the size of the […]

How to Choose the Right Screen Mesh Size

From low count mesh to high count mesh, different mesh size used for different applications in the silk screen printing process. Mesh size is measured by how many holes or threads of mesh per inch. For example, 110 mesh(43T) screen has 110 holes/ threads per inch, and 43 holes/threads per centimeter. Higher mesh count have […]

Why Choose Yellow Mesh

We recommend that you chose a yellow mesh if you are choosing a mesh count of over 155. Died (yellow) mesh exposes much better than white mesh in the higher counts because it blocks light conductivity through the threads. White mesh is more cost effective and works just as well on lower mesh counts. We […]

Screen Printing On Glass Panels

Our company produces silk screen glass mesh, through the screen printing process, the glass or epoxy/polyester ink on a variety of glass substrates.and printing logo on products, such as cover glass, EMI shields, lighting fixtures and other display glass. Minimum glass substrate thickness to screen print is: 0.27 mm (0.01″) Maximum glass substrate thickness to […]