Why Choose Yellow Mesh

We recommend that you chose a yellow mesh if you are choosing a mesh count of over 155. Died (yellow) mesh exposes much better than white mesh in the higher counts because it blocks light conductivity through the threads. White mesh is more cost effective and works just as well on lower mesh counts. We do however offer both white and yellow mesh in a variety of different sizes.

Screen Printing On Glass Panels

Our company produces silk screen glass mesh, through the screen printing process, the glass or epoxy/polyester ink on a variety of glass substrates.and printing logo on products, such as cover glass, EMI shields, lighting fixtures and other display glass.

Minimum glass substrate thickness to screen print is: 0.27 mm (0.01″)
Maximum glass substrate thickness to screen print is: 30.5 mm (1.2″)
Minimum glass substrate dimension to screen print is: 5 x 5 mm (0.2 x 0.2″)
Maximum glass substrate dimension to screen print is: 1905 x 1651 mm (75″ x 65″)

Screen printing in the application of glass bottles, can be around the bottle will print to the entire circumference, so that the entire bottle Display brand logo and product content. The glass printing mesh can make the pattern clearer and the gorgeous printing to each kind of shape glass, the glass container, moreover the printing pattern is durable, is not easy to fade. Our company specializes in the production of glass, glassware, beverage glass, glass wine bottles, fruit juice glass, medical glass containers, chemical laboratory glass containers for the printing of glass printing mesh. Smooth and beautiful mesh surface, tension stability reached 25N, width of the largest 370cm, complete specifications, the use of imported reed weaving, the production of more excellent mesh quality. After years of international market use of testing, access to the broad masses of foreign customers unanimously recognized, in the glass printing plant in the process of performance, the use of mesh more long life, reduce the glass printing plant material costs, our sales of glass printing net exports increased.