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Special Rotary Nickel Screen for Coating or Wallpaper Printing or Wax-printing

Characteristic: Thick wall and good elasticity as well as big hole, sooth slide, no chips at all, and flows easily, it will no big pressure, and covers the surface of cloth evenly
Product Details:

Special Rotary Nickel Screen for coating or wallpaper printing or wax-printing

Description of Rotary Nickel Screen:

Characteristic: Thick wall and good elasticity as well as big hole, sooth slide, no chips at all, and flows easily, it will no big pressure, and covers the surface of cloth evenly, so can guarantee the quality, it also benefit to equipment maintenance, and some color different avoids, widely used in printing wallpaper ,lining cloth and coating, wax printing, etc. Shanghai SPRING cooperate factory focus on Rotary Nickel screen mesh production from 1994, with more than 20 years experience, the nickel screen with variety specifications and good tenacity, can be repeat used for several times, suitable for any kind of dyestuff with even infiltration, it can be used for any pattern printing, especially at super fine patterns.

Pictures of Rotary Nickel Screen:

Special Rotary Nickel Screen Special Rotary Nickel

Rotary Nickel Special Rotary Nickel Screen for Coating or Wallpaper Printing or Wax-printing



Features & advantages:

1) Brittleless: use of sulphur-free additive at screen-making process enables non-existence of brittleness of screens during/after the rounding and polymerization process.  Brittleness is the main cause of screen crack and damage on the rotary printing machine win operation. A convenient way to test the brittleness is the so-called "lighter rest": a piece of screen sample burnt by lighter flame for 10 seconds, bend the screens sample to see if it breaks at the burnt spot. Can endure 6-7 times stripping by water jet or LEN.

2) Dyestuff saving by High mesh screens: due to the high density of holes, unique involuted hole shape, and minimized nickel dam, the coverage of dyestuff paste on the fabrics has largely increased compared with conventional Penta screens. For the same amount/intensity of dyestuff deposit on surface of fabric, less squeegee/ magnetic roller pressure is required; as a result, substantial saving on dyestuff paste is achieved. Experiments have proved that up to 19% of paste volume can be saved at multiple printing mills around the world.

3) Higher open area allows smooth throughout of dyestuff paste, so that printing speed and efficiency of printing machine can be ascended.

4) 165 and 195 mesh screens can help achieve better gradation of half tones, as well as finer line width and reproduction of fine details of fabric design. Whilst 135 screen with extraordinary high open area(>25% if needed) can satisfy the high paste deposit requirement for solid printing on knitted fabrics.

5) Narrow tolerance of open area(+/-0.5%) and thickness(+/-3 microns) safeguard high consistency of screens, which minimizes the color difference among right, middle and left side of printing width. In addition, it's worry free to pick screens from difference batches due to high level of quality control on consistency.

6) Without use of saccharin as additive, a screen exhibits good property of resilience, softness of screen is eliminated, and therefore creases are depressed during the prepress and printing processes, which provide convenience/efficiency for the operators during the handling and use of screens.

7) Automatic screen cutter ensures uniform cutting edge and accuracy, which contribute to higher registration among printing stations for fine design printing.

8) Combination of extra thickness and open area meets requirement of niche customer requirement such as wax and wall paper printing, an excellent substitute of expensive European SP/ CP screens.

9) Provides with application support on prepress and printing processes.



2)Carton box with specifications details

3)Wooden box

4)Special demand can be produced under request




Why us:

1.We believe in providing quality not just first time, but every time.

2.High customer's satisfaction.

3.Focus on screen printing mesh and filtration cloth since 1983

4.Factory price, Best quality, excellent service( before or after sale)

5.One-stop service can be provided under request to save your time and cost.

6.At least 3-4times inspections before goods shipping out, the sales as the directly person with customers will check the goods not fixed time and goods.

7.Professional and highly motivated staffs.


Our service philosophy:

- Honesty

- Innovation

- Customers First


1.What is the MOQ:

For the normal product, we don't have strictly limit about the Minimum Order Quantity. We can provide you small samples or the samples as you want to test our mesh sample, if ok, place trial order, then big orders.

2.How to pay the sample or trial cost or express cost:

Paypal, West union, Personal bank account, Company bank account as you hope.

3.How long time can be ship out for the sample and trial order:

Usually small order or samples takes 2-5days more or less.

4.Delivery time:

For normal items usually takes one week more or less under 5000M per order. For big orders we will confirm it for you when you place order. For special products also need to be confirmed before the order placed.

5.What kind of package of the goods?

Usually for normal orders, the mesh rolled on paper tube, then label card, then plastic bag, then carton box, then sailcloth outside.

6.When can you confirm the payment after we transfer?

We have special staff to check the money every day, we will inform you once we get it within 2hours.

7.DO you accept LC at sight?

Yes, we accept LC at sight for big orders. Usually, over 10,000$ LC at sight is acceptable.

Our Seven Management Systems


The material purchasing management: We purchased from both China Mainland and Imported material. The China mainland yarn must meet Chinese standard, imported material must meet international standard. Also for food grade material, all the material must provide SGS FDA certification, without FDA approval we can't purchase. Every batch material delivered to our factory will be inspected from the tension, color, even, check in random, record, delivery to our factory, qualified materials entre the warehouse (rejected materials will be returned), stick the label, all the information record in computer. Different batch materials can't be used mixed.


All the workers are trained. They can do this work after finished the theory and operation study. The production manager will arrange every day's work on every earlier morning explain the technical points and process method, emphasizing operation attentions and production safety. According to the production process, there is a team leader for each process makes sure this process quality and inspects the quality and record. During the handover between adjacent processes, the next team leader checks and records the product's quality of the previous process, and issue the transfer proof. The production manager will check all the process product quality in random. Quality inspectors will check the sample quality from beginning, middle and last process during the production, will make record and marks once find any problems, at the same time notify the technician to solve the problem in time. For the failed inspection products, after analysis if can't be used for downgrade use shall be discarded. Every batch products must inspect at least three times, initial inspection after the goods finished production, re-inspection before enter warehouse, final inspection before shipping.

3.Quality Control:

Shanghai SPRING carry out full QC (Quality Control) system, include four levels: material Inspection, production process inspection, finished products inspection and shipment inspection. QC staff must have a bachelor's degree, 5 years experiences for related works, master the quality standards and requirements. The QC staffs will check the samples independently in random with the testing standard procedures, also will record the test result with name date and label on the samples. Our company rules are once the goods happened quality problem after shipping to customer, the related QC staff's test information will be examined and QC staff will be fined, fill in self-examination report and rectification measures, and expand the number of samples to improve the quality.


All the goods must be tested before packing, inspectors and packing staff must signature records. Usually for big orders, the mesh rolled on paper tube, then put the label card on one head, after that hold the mesh with white paper belt instead of the nylon string to make sure the mesh not wrinkles, outside is waterproof plastic bag with sealed. Then 2rolls to 12rolls (according to the different specifications) will be put into one carton with bubble bags or mesh or cloth inside. Then tape sealing the carton, woven bag outside the carton to make sure the carton box avoid broken and pollution during shipping. With packing bandage solid the carton, the shipping marks and packing list can be stick under request. (In addition, if you are wholesaler, we can package and printing on the mesh under your request to save your time and cost to change the package, you can sell to the customers directly after receive the goods). Usually, there is no information of our factory and china information, if you have special demand it also can be acceptable.

For wide mesh usually customers need to fold up the mesh into square bags to make sure more easy to shipping and save freight. After the mesh printed under customers’ demand, then fold up into square, then put it into a plastic bag with label card together, then several bags according to the specification put into one carton, then outside the carton is woven bag to protect the carton broken or pollution. 

5.Stock System:

Product Inventory management, the qualified product for storage and registration, according to the specification put on the shelves, hanging label with specification, material, production batch, weaving machine number, production time, storage time, inspectors, receivers etc. The warehouse is 100% pyrotechnics prohibited, to make sure the goods safety. Packing area is separated with the storage area to prevent the damage and pollution during packing operation.


All the finished goods (usually have inspected at least 3times) have to be inspected again before shipping, especially for specification, size, quantity, packing, etc, under proportion to opening the cartons check again. Once there is any defective product found during checking, all the goods of this order have to re-inspection, and defective products must tested again use the testing equipment then report the result, after the technician's analysis and evaluation if it can meet degraded standards, then degradation treatment, otherwise discarded. 

7.After-sales service:

We have a perfect after-sales service system, we will feedback within 24hours once any problem happened. According to the company's after-sales process, if the customers find any quality problem, the sales communicated with the customers firstly, then all the problem details will report to the quality control department and factory manager. According to the goods information, the factory manager will organize the meeting with related staffs include sales, Quality Control staff, Technician, Package staff, Inspector within 24hours, to analysis if this is our quality problem and why it happened and get solutions then feedback these information to customers. If the product quality can’t meet customer's demand, then our company will be unconditional compensation for customers or return the goods.

If you want to know more information about our Nickel screen mesh, or want to get price about Shanghai SPRING nickel screen, nylon mesh, polyester mesh, filter mesh, etc., please just feel free to contact us at the following information:

Sales Manager: Sara


Skype: springmesh

Twitter: springmesh


Shanghai SPRING as the reliable professional acoustics mesh manufacturer and exporter in China, you're welcome to visit us at any time. All your inquiries will be replied within 12hours.

Through over 10 years development, Spring Industrial is now one of the leading special rotary nickel screen for coating or wallpaper printing or wax-printing manufacturers and suppliers in China. All of our employees are equipped with consummate skills. Please rest assured to buy or wholesale the high quality and cheap price products for sale from us.

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