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Water Filter Mesh Material PA66 Nylon Net
Dec 08, 2017

This water filter mesh material PA66 nylon net is customized by Ceskoslovensko customers,

the nylon net filter has been completed production, after quality testing and dozen boxes, in December 8, 2017 loading to Shanghai port, the related boxes, invoices, customs documents, certificate of origin, and so on documents are ready to complete.

This filter screen mesh order is the third customer purchase in our company, this filter mesh fabric order quantity reached a new height, the PA66 nylon mesh filter order purchase quantity of 5700 meters, a total of three specifications models, mainly used in water filtration.

water filter mesh material

PA66 nylon mesh filter

Main specification as follow:
Opening size: From 30 micron to 2000 micron
Material: PA6, PA66, Nylon
Width range from: 0.6m-3.65m
Shape: Ribbons, rolls, Tubes, discs, pieces.

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