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The Differences Between Yellow Screen Printing Mesh And White Screen Printing Mesh
Jan 22, 2018

How does the colour of  the screen printing mesh affect the exposure of screen printing emulsion and stencil?

When we do exposing after emulsion on the screen printing mesh screens, treat the photo stencil and mesh as a complete entirety because of the influence of the mesh on light. This affects both resolution, clarity and exposure level.

Between white screen printing mesh and yellow silk screen mesh, it is clearly from the following pictures. Scatter increased according to the increase of mesh count and exposure time. Because this can cause big loss of resolution and clarity, it is recommended you use yellow color or organe color screen printing meshe, especially when you produce fine detail design.

Screen Printing white mesh

Screen Printing White Mesh

Yellow color screen printing mesh

Screen Printing Yellow mesh

Light will scatter on the white mesh means white mesh has more light refraction than yellow or dyed bolting cloth, then the resolution is not very good. Usually for lower mesh count below 200mesh(80T) use white mesh for larger text or spot color.  Yellow or dyed screen printing mesh aborb the UV light, that means it has little light refraction. Therefore please remember that for yellow color or dyed color screen printing mesh need little longer exposure time than white silk screen mesh exposure time, about 15-20%. 

For the best resolution and clarity of your screen printing stencil, above 200mesh usually use yellow polyester mesh or dyed silk screen mesh.

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