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Shanghai Exhibition APPPEXPO Kenya
Apr 09, 2017
Go out of China and conform to the trend of development
China is currently Kenya's first direct investment source and second largest trading partner. Shanghai Guang-Printing exhibition will lead a large number of Chinese enterprises from the "Introduction to" to "go out", reflecting China's higher foreign trade open level, landing Kenya is China's advertising logo industry restructuring strategic layout. 2016 Shanghai exhibition exhibitors, viewers, media figures
Entering Africa, seizing the emerging market share

Africa is the next land of hope, attracting global investor attention. As the largest economy in East Africa, Kenya is increasingly becoming an emerging African economy, advertising logo market is booming, Kenyan local large companies Keroche Breweries and Distell, such as the demand for outdoor advertising is very exuberant. In addition, PepsiCo will also enter the Kenyan market.

Exhibition scope

 Digital printing
Digital Inkjet Printing Equipment | UV Flat Inkjet Printing Equipment | Digital inkjet Textile Printing System | Textile Direct Jet Printing Ink | Textiles printing
 Engraving machine
Engraving machine | Laser Engraving Machine | CNC Engraving System | Knives & Accessories | Sign Equipment | Blister machine | Acrylic Equipment | Cutting Machine | Lettering Machine | Bending machine | Polishing machine
 Digital spray printing technology equipment
Indoor and outdoor digital jet printing Equipment | Digital imaging technology Output Equipment | UV tablet digital inkjet printing Equipment Banner Machine | Cold Laminating Machine | Feeder machine | Laminating Machine
 Advertising media and materials
Inkjet Cloth | Adhesive Products | Reflective Material | Photo paper and related indoor and outdoor digital printing Consumables | Ink | Ink | Acrylic Sheet | PVC Foaming Board | Aluminum Plastic Plate
 Signs and digital signage
Sign | Logo Products | Three faces and multiple surfaces | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machine | 3d Three-dimensional Products | Light Box | Luminous Products | LED Display | LED/LCD TV and so on
 Exhibition equipment, pop and digital display
Exhibit Equipment | Portable Exhibition Series | Exhibition rack and other pop products | Commercial Decorative Materials | Shelves and Merchandise Showcase | Promotional Equipment | Holographic Projection | Interactive Multimedia | Augmented Reality AR | Virtual Reality VR | 3d Display
 LED lighting
LED/OLED Lamps | LED/OLED Application | Wind Power Complementary Systems | LED Manufacturing Technology | Intelligent Home System | LED display and so on

textiles printing