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Screen Printing Machine Fully Automatic And Semi-automatic Difference
Dec 22, 2016

Features: soft layout, ink layer thick, strong coverage, print rich, grills, light, strong, large printing area, and so on. Advantages: 1, plate is convenient, cheap, technology is easy to grasp. 2, strong ink coverage, can be printed in black on white paper, stronger. 3, small layout soft indentation, silk is soft and elastic. Due to the pressure used when printing, also suitable for fragile print on shopping. 4, photostability, and luster that can be printed unchanged. (Air temperature and solar had no effect). This makes when printing some stickers, no extra coating processes. 5, printing flexible mode. 6, can use several types of inks for screen printing. Namely: oil, water, synthetic resin emulsions, powders and other types of inks. Difference between: 1, automatic screen printing presses in operation, only one person can complete, and does not require too much manpower, to save time and improve efficiency. 2, semi-automatic and too dependent on artificial production, less efficient than automatic, semi-automatic screen printing machine in the production process requires two or more people to cope with the operation of the machine.