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Screen Printing Frame Selection & Application
Jan 03, 2018

Selection And Application Of Screen Printing Frame

Screen frame material, section size, shape and processing of smoothness, strength and aging treatment, such as directly affected by the tension and tension in the use of stability. In most cases, the main reason is due to the lack of strength of the screen frame caused by the use of the network template tension drop. The second is the screen and the screen frame degumming and tension network has exceeded the screen's limit tension, etc. will also cause the network template tension drop, therefore, the screen frame must be used before the sticky mesh surface and the spring edge for deburring treatment, after these treatment with a sticky net glue to apply evenly to the layer, To be sticky when the net will be more reliable screen all glued to the glue on the screen, to ensure that the screen in the screen printing process, under the large scraping pressure net cloth will not be loose with the net frame. Note that sticky mesh glue must be able to penetrate into the screen glued to the face, so that the screen is fully bonded in the net frame, when necessary, in the sticky net glue is not fully dry, the hand-scraping plastic scraping screen frame after gluing, help screen fully affixed to the net frame is beneficial.

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