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Nylon Tea Bag Food Grade
Nov 30, 2017

Nylon Tea Bag Food grade

Our company Tea Bag (Nylon Food grade)  has reached a cooperation agreement with Thai customers, customers in the first batch of orders to purchase 100,000 bags, the latter will be two times a month for procurement and delivery, each batch of 150,000 bags to sign the procurement contract. Our company will ensure that the tea bag is packaged and sent out within one week.

Food Grade , Nylon Filtering Material.jpg

Nylon tea bag is completely unparalleled than ordinary filter paper tea bag. Colorless and tasteless FDA approval can meet the food package standard, through the transparent and heat resistance nylon or polyester mesh fabric the tea in bags can be seen very clearly. Any shape can be produced under request, such as triangle, rectangle, square, with labels or only material or any shape can be made by Shanghai SPRING. Triangle teabag is very famous now as the three-dimensional triangle tea bag allows tea comfort and fully extended in the tea bag. Unique pyramid-shaped tea bag make sure the tea can be dissolved very quickly, with the closest professional brewing tea flavor.

Tea bag with tea bag storage box.jpg

Pictures of the tea bag material, tea bag, nylon tea bags, polyester tea bags:

Nylon material for tea bags with label:

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