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Nylon Screen Material Applications
Dec 06, 2017

Shanghai SPRING is Nylon Screen Material manufacturer and filter mesh supplier in China,specialized in the research,development and production of nylon juice filter mesh.

Nylon Screen Material Applications:

1. Juice or milk filter use 100 mesh to 300 mesh nylon mesh filter screening,

2. Soy milk or dregs filter use 150 mesh to 200 mesh wire mesh filter,

3 Wine filter , first use 150 mesh nylon net filter, and then filter the second time with 300 mesh nylon net filter.

4. Tap water filter use 400 mesh to 500 mesh nylon filter cloth.

5. Tea filter available 200 mesh to 250 mesh monofilament nylon mesh.

6. Paint filter : Primer with 100 mesh to 150 mesh nylon filter, top coat with 200 mesh to 300 mesh filter cloth.

7.500 mesh water filter mesh material are suitable for fine filtration of drinking water and suspended particulates.

Nylon screen material applications