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Main Products From Shanghai Spring Industrial Corporation Co., Ltd.
Nov 15, 2017

Polyester mesh, polyester mesh, nylon mesh, polypropylene mesh, nylon mesh, flour mesh, stainless steel mesh, all kinds of metal mesh, polypropylene, nylon, polyester filter cloth, Polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt, aramid needle felt, fiberglass covered filter bag, polyester mesh belt, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, civil gas, liquid, powder, dust filter bag, Cutting and other products and ancillary products.

From the printing network series (polyester monofilament flat woven printing net-DPP, stainless steel printing net, nylon monofilament flat woven printing net-JPP and special specifications), flour net series (GG series, XXX series, silk series and special specifications) Filter series (JPP, JFP, PET (Polyester), stainless steel filter, filter bag and special specifications) and metal mesh series (stainless steel Mesh, copper mesh, titanium mesh, nickel mesh, decorative mesh, conveyor belt, mine screen, welded wire mesh, Fence, galvanized square wire mesh, black silk, screens, Chain Link Fence, hexagonal, Hole network)