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Knowledge Of Screen Printing Machine
Dec 22, 2016

Screen printing on the printing press not only in stereo, can also surface, spherical, and smooth surfaces on contractors for printing. The other hand, the screen printing machine not only can be printed on hard objects, and can print on a soft, not restricted by texture of contractors. In addition, outside of indirect printing, screen printing, and based on the needs of the direct printing methods and printing, namely, screen printing machines in gelatin, or on the silicone version, on the transfer to the contractor. Thus can be said to screen printing machine with very strong, wide range use. One ink layer thick, strong sense of graphic, texture rich, two, lightfastness, and beautiful color screen printing machine printing features, because it can use a variety of inks and coatings, can only use pastes, adhesives and dyes can also be used with coarse particles of dye. Third, the large printing area before the normal offset printing, letterpress printing methods, such as the maximum print size for all sizes beyond size, it was restricted by machine facilities.