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Influence Of Tension And Bloting Cloth Equipment
Dec 27, 2017

Influence Of Tension And Bloting Cloth Equipment

1. Pneumatic tension and Polyester Screen Printing Mesh machine, is a direct tension and Screen Printing Mesh Cloth method. Because in the tension and the Silk Screen Mesh, the cylinder support has been to withstand the edge of the silk screen printing mesh fabric frame, while the screen is pulled by the reaction force, making the grid frame to the center of the box bending and get the pressure, tension to a few, after the sticky mesh after unloading, so that tension is more stable, but also easier Disadvantages: A, the whole process of the tension and the net, the silk wind has been close to the net-frame adhesive-oriented (four weeks) extension, therefore, the screen frame on the smooth extension of the mesh set the resistance, often in the tension and high pressure can not be achieved; B, the pneumatic tension and the network is controlled by the air pressure, therefore, the first pull if the reverse pressure is higher, in an instant fast big pull, the net will be torn; The tension is controlled by the capacity of the cylinder, otherwise it cannot reach the high tension.

2. Mechanical or electromechanical netting equipment, depending on the need for tension, flexible, changeable, mechanical netting machine is indirect tension and net method, so when the screen tension to reach the required tensile, the screen frame up to the screen, so it does not exist in the tension and the net screen by friction resistance, so the tension is easy to achieve uniformity.

After the tension and the net, the gap between the Chuck allowed between the 2mm-3mm, otherwise, when the distance from the clip is not clamped in the screen part of the direct pull, so that all the wire on the mesh is not equal, the size of the hole and wire mesh diameter is inconsistent, will appear in the printing defects, that is, the whole screen with the screen printing and tension unevenness, The amount of ink is inconsistent to produce the depth, the position is not allowed, when serious, in the screen printing process, scraping the plate under the pressure, the screen is easy to be torn, it must be paid attention to.

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