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How To Stretch Screen Printing Mesh
Dec 22, 2017

Stretch screen printing mesis a technical work. In the stretch screen printing mesh process, what good method?

As a professional manufacturer of Screen Printing Mesh manufacturers - Shanghai SPRING, by our senior technical engineers to answer this professional technical questions, hope to provide a certain number of customers with a reference and help.

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First,the basis of tension networ

In the screen printing, the mesh number, wire diameter, as well as the fabric of the silk screen and the selection of materials directly affect the tension of the network tensile size, tension and net, is based on these parameters to the screen tension measurement, measuring tension, the tension point is detected from the net frame should be 10 centimeters, otherwise the tension is not accurate.

The same material creates different wire diameters, different mesh screen, its tension is different, that is, the same mesh screen, its tension is different, that is, the same mesh screen, wire diameter is different, the tension is different, because the resistance to Lazhangdo is proportional to the diameter of the wire. For example: A is twice times the radius of B wire, then the tensile strength of a wire is 4 times times that of B wire. Tension value to the edge of about 1 meters high strength net frame effective, when the edge length of 2 meters when the net frame, the tension value should be reduced by 15%-20%, if the screen frame up to 3 meters, when the tension and the net, according to the table in accordance with the pressure to reduce percent. In order to ensure that in the processing and printing, the screen is not torn by the danger, so the tension and network, tensions should be lower than the theoretical tension is necessary.

Second,tension requirements

1, the different use of the screen template requirements of the size of the tension is different.

For example: color dot printing, in order to ensure that the tonal value of the accuracy and reduction of good, demanding tension 20-30n/cm. Fine print, dial dials, etc., tension for 12-18n/cm. General graphic printing, tension for 8-12n/cm.

Hand-printed, rough-printed products, or on the accuracy, size, and so on, tension >6n/cm, it is noteworthy that the color Swatch Overprinter, in order to make the Overprinter position accurate, not only requires the screen tension should be greater than 10n/cm, and the number of Overprinter template must reach the same tension, for dot printing more important, Otherwise it will cause moire and hue deviation.

2, Dot printing Why the need for higher tension of the screen template? This is because

A, higher tension of the network template to obtain a lower net distance, when the net distance increased by one times, will make the printing graphics and text deformation increased three times times, therefore, when the network template tension is low, the ink uneven and dot expand deformation, affect hue.

B, lower net distance, screen printing can use a smaller pressure, the stencil plate wear reduction so that the network template service life extension.

C, a smaller scraping pressure, to avoid dot around the ink, deformation, improve the sharpness of dot edge, to ensure the printing effect.