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Glass Screen Printing Machine Usage And Troubleshooting
Dec 22, 2016

1, glass screen printing machine by purpose can say all of the glass processing if you want to screen printing without glass silk screen printing machine. If you generally can be divided into: auto glass screen printing machine, furniture glass, glass screen printing machine screen printing machine, appliance glass, glass screen printing machine screen printing and advertising. 2, patterns or lines floating, glass screen printing machine screen printing number, screen stencils after relaxation caused substrate and loose screen fixing distance; scraper and substrate angle is wrong, or uneven; ink consistency too dilute or too dry; rework parts of the printed surface by dry cleaning solvent after the end of play on screen printing, and so on. 3, lines, distortion, and printed material is too thin, squeegee too hard; printed material not regulation (uneven Ink solvent in dispersed); wipe solvent or cleaning agent on the network after network die wet, or rework of the workpiece surface cleaners is wet or dirty.