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General Specification Of The Monofilament Polyester Printing Mesh
Aug 28, 2017

General specification of the monofilament polyester printing mesh:

We produce a wide range of screen mesh which including 20mesh/inch (8T) ,30mesh/inch (12T),40mesh/inch(16T),50mesh/inch(20T),80mesh/inch(32T),100mesh/inch(40T),110mesh/inch(43T),120mesh/inch(47T),135mesh/inch(53T),

buy mesh for screen printing.jpg

We can provide variety of width based on customer's requirement, the most usual width is 1.15m,1.27m,1.36m,1.58m,1.65m,1.88m,2.2m,2.8m,3.2m,3.6m

General color of the polyester screen printing fabric:The most common color for the printing screen mesh is white and yellow, other color is available on your request!

screen printing mesh.jpg